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Research Optimus (ROP) acts as a credit research agency to provide IPO grading of equity shares. We provide white-label IPO grading services to research agencies and investors for successfully benchmarking new businesses against those who already exist in the industry.

Our team works from Bangalore in India and provides affordable IPO Grading Services to investors from across the globe. Our flexible engagement plans make us the chosen research outsourcing partner of research firms and businesses of all sizes.

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IPO Grading Services by Research Optimus

Our team offers the following services:

  • Business and Industrial Prospects

    We provide analytical reports of a business's competitive position, taking into account industry dynamics, expected supply and demand, positioning within their economic sector, mitigating factors, and prospects influencing growth.

  • Compliance and Litigation

    Our team examines historical records related to litigation and compliance factors, using tax, environmental regulations, data security, privacy, trade, health and safety, and other supporting regulations.

  • Financial Predictions and Performance

    ROP delivers an in-depth analysis of historical financial records, main influencing factors, stress factors, possible scenarios, financial forecasting, and various other factors.

  • Comparable Company Analysis

    This process determines the value of businesses by analyzing competitor metrics from the same industry.

  • Management Abilities

    Our team analyzes the reputations of key management members, their business strategies, the progress of market domination, diversification, and product development.

  • Forecasting Reports

    ROP creates in-depth forecasting models and scenarios that could arise about tax, sales, new businesses, and various other dimensions.

  • Corporate Governance

    We discover the methods by which businesses disclose information, including public communications, reporting transparency, best practices, and the degree of independence of the board of directors from the company’s management team.

  • Overall Business Valuation

    We utilize similar transactions discovered through our research process, processes through specific analytical techniques.

End-Benefits of Availing Our IPO Grading Services

ROP delivers unbiased IPO grading that can be used to make key business decisions, with the following benefits:

We create transparency in corporate dealings by delivering IPO gradings that are unbiased, granting businesses solid data to enhance their decision-making abilities.

ROP ensures total objectivity in independent equity research and reporting by utilizing independent researchers and a process that encourages accuracy.

At ROP, we take every step necessary to ensure that high levels of security are part and parcel of our services.

Our workforce can be scaled up or down. Whether you need long-term in-house resources or outside teams, we can partner you with analysts that are best suited to your needs.

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