Brazilian Asset Manager Outsourced with ROP and Received Real-time Financial Research Updates
on the Current Market

Our Brazilian Asset
Manager Client

The client is an authorized Asset Manager located in Brazil, with over twenty years of experience in the fixed income management industry. They are regulated by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission, and focus on capitalizing on the opportunities in the international debt market with its origins, networks, and expertise.

Market Research Requirements

With a need for a large volume of precisely conducted research within the financial sector, the client wanted to partner with a reputable, experienced outsourcing firm. Requirements included research and reports of emerging market corporate finances.

After learning of Research Optimus (ROP) online, the client reached out to the sales team, and decided to partner with ROP due to the following reasons:

  • A trial project was conducted to ensure that the ROP team could deliver services to the client’s standards, the results of which exceeded the client’s expectations.
  • Ability to complete the requirements within the client’s required timeline and budget.
  • Previous exposure to the financial industry, and experience managing financial reports.
  • Ability to provide a multilingual team member to better understand and execute a diverse array of global financial reports.

Also, if the Sortino ratio is not available in any database, then, the client had requested us to calculate that for them.

What Were the Challenges
Faced by ROP

The ROP team faced some key challenges over the course of this financial research project:

  • The client’s short deadline was difficult to accommodate given the detailed nature of the report and the meticulousness required ensuring total accuracy.
  • ROP had to produce real-time deliverable updates to the client throughout the duration of the project, which further exacerbated the time constraint challenges.

How ROP Approached This Project

Wanting to ensure that this financial based project was completed successfully, the ROP team adopted a customized process:

  • ROP wanted to fully understand the client’s project end to end, so a consultation was initiated to discuss all assignment requirements.
  • ROP assigned one dedicated resource with expertise in financial research to work exclusively on this project.
  • The client was provided with real-time updates on the company factsheets.
  • Upon receiving feedback from the client on the submitted deliverables, ROP’s team member took immediate action.
  • The client’s financial reports were completed accurately on schedule.

Resources Utilized over the
Course of the Services

  • Emerging Market Reports Journals
  • Drop-box for real-time submission

How ROP Documented
the Benefit Part

ROP managed to complete this financial research report assignment successfully and on time, and the following results occurred:

  • The client was able to receive real-time updates on the market reports, and praised ROP for our clear, transparent communication.

  • Being highly satisfied with ROP’s performance across all aspect of this assignment, the client extended the contract to FTE.

  • ROP was pleased to accept a long term project from a valued client, and was able to add another success story to our achievements.


Flexible hourly pricing methodology for one-time research needs, and dedicated


ISO 9001:2008 standard quality assurance and defined quality polices to ensure data


Customer information and project confidentiality secured by Non-disclosure Agreements

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