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At Research Optimus (ROP) our experts predict future financial price movements by using historical data as a benchmark, providing professional brokers and stockbroking agencies with extensive technical stock analysis services.

Our team, based in India, analyzes the market and provides price over time charts to help stock investment decision-making. Businesses of all sizes ranging from large organizations to SMEs as well as research agencies utilize our white-label technical stock analysis services to make informed business decisions.

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Our Technical Stock Research Services

ROP’s experienced team makes light work of handling technical stock analysis, including all high-level functions:

  • Trend Reports

    Our team monitors the strength and lifetime of trends with a focus on moving averages, parabolic stop, and reverse (SAR), and moving average convergence divergence (MACD).

  • Top-Down Technical Evaluation

    Our team is capable of performing in-depth analysis using top-down techniques where a broad market analysis is the first step, followed by an analysis of the relevant sectors and individual stocks.

  • Momentum Analysis

    We assist investors with price expectancies, including turning points, reversals, and extremes, and analyze trends with regards to the strength of the forces behind the changes and the speed at which the new standard is adopted.

  • Stock Volatility Analysis

    We are capable of measuring price fluctuations accurately based on historical prices using tools like true average range, standard deviations, and Bollinger bands.

  • Volume Indicators

    ROP uses in-depth volume analysis to measure and confirm trends including rates of volume change, Chaikin oscillators, and on-balance volumes, among others.

Benefits of Outsourcing to ROP

Partnering with us benefits you in the following ways:

  • We understand that the fast pace of the modern trading market makes technical stock analysis a priority. Making use of stock market data in combination with other influencing factors results in a clear picture of the future.

  • Long-term clients receive custom reporting options to ensure that the most vital information is passed on and actioned fast. ROP’s skill at

  • ROP identifies opportunities to save money by optimizing processes and systems, thus offering the best-in-the-industry pricing.

  • You can control the team size you require as your needs change. This prevents employees from idle time while ensuring that all your activities are reliably completed on time.

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