Australian Accounting and Consulting Firm Partners with ROP for Successful
Business Plan Development

Client – Australian
Accounting Firm

The client is an accounting and consulting firm based in Brisbane, Australia, with a commitment to providing affordable tax accounting and bookkeeping services for businesses, individuals, investors, and Non-Profit organizations. Their focus on value models for their clientele and range of targeted accounting solutions have positioned them as an experienced and trusted industry service provider.

Requirements – Demand Forecasting and Business Development Plan

The client wanted to expand the scope of their Business Development Plan and needed to partner with a reputable global research firm. The business development action plan would need to envelop demand forecasting for an event, research on both partners and sponsors, information about obtaining a legal permit to sell alcohol whereby all profits would go to the company, and a revenue and expense estimate to present to potential investors.

The client discovered Research Optimus (ROP) after conducting an online inquiry and interviewing several potential outsourcing partners. After consulting with ROP’s knowledgeable, multilingual, and efficient team, the client contracted ROP services due to the following:

  • Dedicated financial advisory and research team with expertise in risk evaluation and management, and statistical based business analytics.
  • Ability to provide comprehensive and detailed reports that include all required information in an attractive, easy to understand format for display to the client’s potential investors.
  • Adherence to the client’s preferred budget and timeframe which was very brief.

Challenges Faced by the
Analysts at Research Optimus

ROP addressed a few key challenges while working on this research specific Business Plan Development:

  • ROP faced some difficulties locating the appropriate secondary data resources due to limited availability, which stalled the pace of the project.
  • The client’s preferred timeline for project completion added pressure to ensure that all the necessary information could be obtained, and a comprehensive report could be compiled on time.
  • Research for local alcohol permits presented challenges because of the necessary legal channels to go through to gain access to complex information surrounding Australian alcohol selling permits.

ROP’s Customized Approach
to This Project

ROP designed a bespoke process to overcome all challenges and complete the requirements, with an outcome aimed towards exceeding the client's expectations:

  • To start the project off in a positive and strategic direction, ROP established a meeting with the client to go over the requirements and open up a two-way stream of communication.
  • The client delivered initial input in the form of a minimalistic profile of the event details, sponsors, and partners.
  • ROP began research starting with demand forecasting using financial modeling and predictive analytics to accurately evaluate the likelihood of attendance.
  • Using behavioral analysis and demographic profiling, an approach was created for the client’s partners and sponsors.
  • Secondary research was collected and synthesized using statistical techniques to gather data from relevant channels.
  • A personalized digital dashboard was prepared to present the information and enable the client to take advantage of the tools that would help them read and share the data with their valued investors.
  • A comprehensive final report was delivered to the client, and the project was successfully concluded.

Project Takeaways

Research Optimus was able to close this nuanced new business development plan project successfully and provide the respected client with the following results:

  • The client expressed gratitude at ROP’s attentiveness to staying on budget while suggesting a plan to align their business strategy development process.

  • The client was able to use the provided information to plan their event and secure their desired investors.

  • The transparent nature of ROP’s communication, use of results-driven data analytics, and emphasis on a professional partnership inspired the client to secure ROP’s services for a second important project.

  • ROP gained another advocate for our agency and was pleased to continue a mutually beneficial business partnership.


Flexible hourly pricing methodology for one-time research needs, and dedicated


ISO 9001:2008 standard quality assurance and defined quality polices to ensure data


Customer information and project confidentiality secured by Non-disclosure Agreements

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