Extensive Market Research for a Strategic
Entry into the Agricultural Business

Our Client – American Investment
Firm in the Agro Business

The client is a B2B focused venture firm in the US. Intending to assist businesses in their early stage of market entry, the client has invested in companies and startups into diverse industry verticals. With over 175 investments, the client has a special interest in studying the niche business segments in different industries and investing i n shaping new and innovative products. Over the past two decades, the client has helped many businesses scale in terms of products, market size, and venturing into different geographically.

Project Requirement – Feasibility Study of Agricultural Products and Market

The client was looking for a market research and data analysis service provider with profound years of experience in analyzing different industry verticals. The client came to know about Research Optimus (ROP) from the web. After learning about our research and analysis service capability, they contacted us for this market feasibility analysis project.

The client had the requirement of studying the Agro-industry by thorough market research on the organizations associated with the Agro business and products. Our client also wanted to analyze the data on the Agricultural market opportunities, market drivers, and supply chain.

Challenges Faced by Our Team
of Market Research Analysts

As it’s a niche industry, the initial challenge was to look for credible sources to collate information, validate them, and then prepare a model to do the analysis. Our team soon searched and found appropriate information sources and prepared a structured data sheet to collect and store information required for the analysis.

Process Followed for This Market
Feasibility Analysis Project

After having a detailed discussion with the client about their requirements and objectives, our analysts at ROP initiated the market research process. The process outline for this project was as follows:

  • Our analysts prepared a detailed and structured requirement document so that the client receives all the information as intended.
  • As part of our secondary market research service, the team collected data around the following pointers as specified by the client:
    1. Company Overview
      1. Company description and company management
      2. Mission and vision
      3. Products and Services
      4. Recent developments and strategies
    2. Industry Overview
      1. Overview of Agro imports business in the UK
      2. Market dynamics
        1. Market drivers, market opportunities, and challenges
      3. Import process to the UK and the supply chain analysis
    3. Key Consideration to start an import business in the UK
      1. Import license and certification
      2. Details on the transporting goods using importing specialist and clearing goods
      3. Government rules and regulations on importing Agro products
      4. Requirements for importing
    4. Financial projection
      1. Sales forecast
      2. Marketing and sales business model
    5. Customer analysis
      1. Agricultural products buyers in the UK
      2. End-users of Agro products
        1. Pharmaceutical and food beverage
    6. Supply and demand key statistics
    7. Capacity utilization of each product
    8. Commodity codes for the UK imports
    9. Industry SWOT analysis
    10. Competition analysis
      1. Top competitors
      2. Competition analysis for companies producing bitterleaf capsules
      3. Market strategies
    11. Recent developments
    12. Competitor profiles
  • An extensive market research and analysis report was prepared in a consumable format and shared with the client.

Helping the Client in Shaping Their
Product Launch Plans in the UK

Research Optimus’s detailed market feasibility data and the analysis report assisted the client to spearhead their product innovation, marketing, and launch drive. The client appreciated our extensive research and the visual presentation of the data for their senior board officials to go through. If you have any similar requirements or any other critical market research, financial research, or media research requirements, contact us for a free consultation and quote.


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