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Research Optimus (ROP) is a leading provider of white-label Structured Finance Reports Services that works with research agencies and helps businesses manage their unique, complex financial reporting needs.

Our detailed finance reports offer efficient records of ongoing financial activities that allow MNCs, SMEs, start-ups, and Fortune 5,000 companies worldwide to accurately track objectives and meet their reporting requirements.

Working from Bangalore, India we offer solutions for borrowers, investors, corporations, financial intermediaries, and government entities. To know more about ROP’s Structured Finance Reports services and how we deliver them at a competitive price, contact us today.

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Our Structured Finance Report Services

Our team incorporates our top-end software and protocols with their global reach and years of experience to deliver the most reliable and comprehensive service offering. We offer the following services:

  • Project Finance Reports

    ROP offers project-level financial reports that include key developments in sectors, products, and services in specified markets including all-cash funded projects, grant-funded projects, and cohesively details project costs per expense type.

  • Asset-Backed Security Reports

    ROP creates an in-depth report of the bonds, notes, loans, leases, or receivables backed by financial institutions, which may include manufactured housing contracts, home-equity loans, student loans, and mobile home loans.

  • Funding Assessment Reports

    We produce detailed funding assessments including financial models, compliance standards, data analysis, rating advisories, governance, and strategic input.

  • Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDO) Reports

    ROP prepares reports to help financial entities with all of their asset-backed loan reporting needs, reduced risk, and increased returns including insights regarding auto loans, mortgages, corporate debt, and credit card debt.

  • Synthetic Financial Instruments Reports

    ROP offers insights regarding synthetic financial positions, including options contracts, debt securities, and equity index for insights that support businesses in offering higher returns, reduced risk, and increased diversification.

  • Post Issuance Audit Reports

    ROP offers detailed services for post-issuance requirements including updating regulatory compliance, verification, calculation, and audit reporting.

  • Collateralized Bond Obligations (CBO) Reports

    ROP’s report encompasses insights about both mortgage and mortgage-backed security markets, including investment-grade asset-backed security (ABS).

  • Valuation Reports

    ROP delivers the most reliable valuations and loss analysis reports. We incorporate complex securities and receivables including CLO equities, mark-to-model valuation, trust preferred securities, flow pricing, quality analysis, risk factors, and maturities.

  • Cracking Loan Tapes

    We supply stratification and rep line guidance on a wide range of loans, and advice on funding and structuring the outcomes.

  • Syndicated Loan Reports

    ROP syndicated loan portfolios includes insights regarding loan loss provision validity, evaluations of the extension of loan loss provisions about subsequent charge-offs, and how the fraction of loans retained by lead lenders is impacted.

  • Cash Flow Modelling

    To support your asset management team and finance officers we design and monitor cash flow strategies, testing requirements, vintage analysis, sensitivity analysis, and other key indicators.

  • Collateral Reports

    Our team consistently monitors collateral and delivers comprehensive loss curves, analysis reports, asset disposition, cash flow projections, and other key variables.

Unique End-Benefits of
Availing ROP’s Structured
Finance Services

Outsourcing to ROP gives you access to some important benefits:

  • Receive high-quality, easily digestible reports to help your organization manage and transform cash flows and alter the liquidity of financial portfolios.

  • Receive flexible, scalable reporting options to communicate financial information, aid in management decisions, and inform investors and shareholders.

  • Better evaluate performance factors against corporate objectives with specialized insights from ROP’s Structured Financial Reports.

  • Our team ensures the quality of your portfolio selections and monitors the performance of each party in a rigorous process of analysis.

  • We guarantee the security of your data by making use of the best encryption in every communication and complying with the highest data security standards.

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Structured Finance
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Our global team of financial research professionals has a wealth of experience in analyzing and reporting on structured finance. Contact us via the contact form on our website and a member of our team will respond as rapidly as possible.

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