ROP Provided In-depth Financial Analysis for
Bahrain Based Financial Institution

The Client - Premier
Financial Institution

Our client is a Financial Services and Consulting business based in Bahrain. Established in July of 2005, the firm forms a part of a Global group of companies, with affiliates based in Geneva, London, Paris, and Lisbon. The company’s primary focus is on financial and business support, as well as the analysis and challenges of existing operations and business development activities.

The client offers a range of services including financial and legal services, managerial services, business development, hospitality management, and portfolio management, among others.

Requirements for the Financial Research Project

The client required in-depth financial research services including analysis of the past ten years up until the third-quarter of 2017. The client also required variance reports comparing planned budgets with actual expenditure.

A word document was to be created with the details of the analysis and findings. From this document, a PowerPoint presentation had to be developed for the company board, highlighting the key points including:

  • Dashboard Analysis
  • Cost per subscriber acquired
  • Average revenue per user (ARPU)
  • Churn rate
  • Revenue analysis, including products and services, costs, CAPEX, EBIDTA, and Net Income
  • Devices from ODMs and other suppliers including investor analysis and profitability
  • Analysis of the company’s capital structure including solvency ratios and weighted average cost of capital (WACC)
  • Relevant market ratios including liquidity and activity.
  • Ratio of profitability

Challenges Faced by
Our Research Team

Every project has its unique challenges. This project was no different as the delivery time was particularly tight. The project was completed without any further serious issues.

Our Detailed Financial Research Process

The Research Optimus team followed our step-wise process from start to finish. An Excel file was created including the relevant details of the 10-year financial analysis. A template was created based on communications with the clients. Word documents were authored around highlights and discussions surrounding the findings. A PowerPoint presentation was built to communicate the findings to the company board.

Client Benefits

Despite some initial challenges regarding time constraints, our team was able to complete the project without any additional complications. The client approved the final deliverables and was completely satisfied with the quality of our work. Performing financial analysis spanning over more than a decade was a challenging task, but our experts rose to the occasion.

As a result of our team’s commitment to client satisfaction, we are confident that we will be working with the client on similar projects in the future.


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