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Research Optimus (ROP) offers Advertising Report Services to help companies make strategic decisions regarding all their advertising content.

Our white-label advertising research services and reports provide research agencies, advertisers, and marketers with accurate data to support media planning, helping them prepare for a deeper level of customer engagement through effective advertising content.

Situated in Bangalore, India, ROP’s cost-effective and scalable Advertising Reports Services are tailored to meet diverse company needs and budgets. This is why we are the outsourcing partner of choice for MNCs, SMEs, startups, and Fortune 5,000 companies from across North America, Europe, and Australia.

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ROP’s Advertising Report Service Range

ROP’s analytical-driven advertising research ensures that businesses receive consistent reports that answer all of their important advertising questions. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Media Reports

    ROP compiles a visually refined report containing insights about the effectiveness of your company’s advertising across diverse media channels, including print, billboard, digital and online media, radio, etc.

  • Customer Reports

    ROP produces reports based on customer behavior related to your business’s advertising campaigns including customer sentiment, customer reviews, the nature and level of responsiveness to campaigns, and challenges related to their perspective of your advertising.

  • Competitor Reports

    ROP creates in-depth reports about your competitors’ advertising campaigns, which include competitors’ most successful advertising campaign sales figures, the advertising platforms producing the best response levels, their mode of advertising, and their most effective campaigns.

  • Ad Effectiveness Reports

    ROP provides a detailed report containing factors regarding ad effectiveness, such as the entertainment value of the ad, whether the ad campaign is informative and addresses key elements of your product or service, and if it’s driving customers to purchase.

Benefits of Utilizing ROP’s
Advertising Report Services

Businesses will receive highly organized reports augmented by corresponding visualizations with ROP’s Advertising Reports, and can rely on the following benefits:

  • ROP’s Advertising Reports are optimized for multi-device formats.

  • ROP can define the best advertising opportunities for businesses that need accurate, all-inclusive data about their advertising position within the market.

  • ROP provides convenient ongoing reporting options for businesses who want to plan and receive scheduled Advertising Reports based on specified periods.

  • Better allocate your advertising budget based on insights contained in ROP’s digital Advertising Reports.

  • Receive objective reports from qualified market research analysts that are formatted according to your business’s unique preferences, and can include executive summaries.

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Businesses will be better positioned to prepare effective advertising campaigns based on the accurate diagnostic reporting services from Research Optimus, a leading market research service provider Research Optimus. Contact ROP today and receive a customized consultation.

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