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Market Research Services from India

Research Optimus (ROP), a leading market research and data analytics workforce in India, offering primary and secondary market research services to support businesses across North America, Europe, Middle East, and Australia.

Guiding organizations for sustainable business growth, ROP delivers consumer research to understand your business, customers, and competitors and empower you with actionable market information and financial insights. Companies or individuals with an objective of offshoring market research requirements can avail the benefits of ROP's skilled analysts. A decade of experience on B2C and B2B consumer research.

Note: ROP's market research team include foreign language experts who are undoubtedly an invaluable part of success in new markets.

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Market Research Expertise to Empower Your Company


Research Optimus compiles detailed market entry reports that cover factors such as PESTEL analysis, market sizing, sector-specific and general regulations, and market entry barriers.

Market Entry


ROP often uses SWOT and PEST analyses to prepare detailed market feasibility studies. We include business obstacles, legal challenges, competitors and market entry barriers.

Market Feasibility


ROP evaluates market potential or the total market revenue for data-informed decision-making. Enables you to enter a new market, launch a new product, or expand within a market.

Market Sizing

Market Trend

Research Optimus examines new developments and trends. This report typically includes regulatory changes, product trends, consumer behavior developments, economic forecasts and technology trends.

Market Trend Report


ROP performs Geographic segmentation (demographic, socioeconomic, and characteristic lifestyle study) that includes in-depth analysis of product pricing, preferences, priorities, interests, and needs of the consumer concerning different geographical markets.

Market Segmentation


ROP provides primary market research help with alternatives such as focus groups, CATI, interviews, CAWI, and questionnaires.

Primary Research


Research Optimus conducts quantitative market research using data analysis, online and mail studies, Q&A testing, modeling of empirical data and advanced statistical methods.

Quantitative Reseach


Research Optimus analyzes customers for market research by developing behavioral analysis, demographic profiles, target market analysis, customer profiles, need and gap analysis, and customer parameters.

Customer Analysis


Research Optimus examines key potential competitors in new markets. Featuring website analysis, pricing strategies, benchmarking and SWOT analysis.

Competitive Analysis


ROP evaluates risk factors anticipated for new products and markets. We include threat identification, quantitative risk modeling, probabilities and suggestions for countermeasures.

Risk Analysis


Research Optimus facilitates easier access to critical market research data with customized reports involving performance scorecards and data visualization for specific departments, managers, and executives.

Business Intelligence


ROP applies multi-level sales analysis that can encompass localized sources such as individual branches or sales breakdowns for entire groups and countries.

Sales Analytic


ROP identifies practical strategic alternatives in new and existing markets using the TOWS matrix and assessing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

SWOT Analysis

Market Research

To deal with high-degree of competition, low margin, and sustainable approach to balance the profit, ROP assists in analyzing the opportunities and risks in the food industry.


Market Research

Research Optimus evaluates the target market from the demand and supply point of view to forecast the commodity market related to energy, agriculture, livestock, and metal.

Commodities Market Research


Research Optimus compiles detailed market entry reports that cover factors such as PESTEL analysis, market sizing, sector-specific and general regulations, and market entry barriers.


Legal &

Research Optimus enables businesses to stay abreast of regulatory and legal issues such as valuation guidelines, tax structures, and compliance requirements.

Legal & Regulatory


ROP assesses market conditions in particular sectors. These feature industry-specific metrics, key challenges, major players and changing conditions.

Industry Reports


ROP researches advertising channels such as Google AdWords and offline ads by examining social media studies, cost-benefit analysis, and performance measurement.



Research Optimus analyzes all the key media channels to assess marketing effectiveness of media alternatives such as music, radio, TV, online, offline, print media, and social media.



Research Optimus identifies and screens new product ideas. Our approaches include customer satisfaction testing, identifying desired features and testing both products and packaging.

Product Research

Market Research

In this overly saturated healthcare market, Research Optimus brings the competitive edge in the form of healthcare market insights to further refine your operational efficiency.

Healthcare Market Research

Market Research

Research Optimus identifies and screens new product ideas. Our approaches include customer satisfaction testing, identifying desired features and testing both products and packaging.

Fabric Market Research

Financial Market Research

Leverage key insights into global market trends and economic conditions with financial market research

Financial Market Research

Other Consumer Research Support

Our team helps your business utilize the large amount of internal and external data. Our analysis reveals key industry trends, cycles, and other information to provide the competitive edge.

Data Analysis

Customer perception and their needs are essential to developing and moving your brand forward. Our experts help with everything from logo selection to choosing the best holiday promotion.

Brand Research

Our survey analysis turns the data and information collected through surveys into information that helps your business make decisions. Our team can identify points of inflection and other critical factors.

Survey Analysis

Knowing your customers and end markets is critical for your business but takes time and expertise to do thoroughly. Our service will make sure you have the greatest understanding of your market.

Market Research Surveys
"ROP provides a practical way to outsource market research need - Research Optimus will save you time and money without compromising quality."

Research Optimus
The Market Research Firm


Companies Avail the Following Benefits by Offshoring to ROP

  • Unbiased and accurate information and verifies the validity of third-party market research data
  • Offers timely and cost-effective primary research services that enable companies of all sizes to use original research data
  • Latest research tools, techniques, and skillsets to provide market research results that based on modern data analytics processes
  • Comply with current industry-specific regulatory and legal reports and guarantee that your compliance departments are always aware of the latest legal changes in both existing and new markets
  • Economic valuation experts provide fast turnarounds whenever you need taxation or accounting support for new market areas
  • Media research and advertising experts to help you optimize marketing expenditures for new products and markets
  • Independent product research services that facilitate a prudent preview of consumer reactions and buying decisions before making final strategic choices
Research Optimus —
The Market Research Firm

Outsource market research needs and save time & money without compromising quality. We can help with your market research needs.

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