Market Research Services by Research Optimus

Research Optimus’ (ROP) market research services are geared to help you while enter new markets and launch new products and services frequently by analyzing business risks. We assist companies overcome and control these potential risks, and help their bottom line and stay ahead of the competition. ROP supports businesses of all sizes succeed in new market ventures, and provides customized market research services.

Businesses entering new markets and adding new product offerings are constantly searching for ways to reduce their risks so that business successes are more likely. ROP has been a trusted market research partner since 2002 — when it comes to global market research experience, Research Optimus should always be on your "short list" of outsourcing partners.

ROP adapts to rapidly changing mobile and internet technologies that can represent significant business opportunities when they are effectively integrated into your new product and new market business plan — however, being "out of sync" with new technological developments can result in marketing disappointments. To make sure your company is fully prepared, Research Optimus can facilitate the entire process from start to finish with in-depth consumer studies and advanced data analytics services.

Entering new markets in today's ultra-competitive environment increasingly involves working in unfamiliar territory such as developing and emerging countries where English is often not the primary language. To meet challenges such as these, ROP's market research team includes foreign language experts who are frequently an invaluable part of success in new markets. To gain more insights about market research services offered by Research Optimus, please refer to the following paragraphs.

Our Market Research Consulting Services

Here are the specialized market research services offered by ROP:

  • Primary Research

    ROP offers primary market research help with alternatives such as focus groups, CATI, interviews, CAWI and questionnaires.

  • Quantitative Research

    Research Optimus conducts quantitative market research using data analysis, online and mail studies, Q&A testing, modeling of empirical data and advanced statistical methods.

  • Qualitative Research

    ROP provides qualitative market research such as discussion group moderation, surveys, focus groups and interviews with industry experts and customers.

  • Market Entry Research

    Research Optimus compiles detailed market entry reports that cover factors such as PESTEL analysis, market sizing, sector-specific and general regulations, and market entry barriers.

  • Business Intelligence Dashboard

    Research Optimus facilitates easier access to key market research data with customized reports involving performance scorecards and data visualization for specific departments, managers and executives.

  • Customer Analysis

    Research Optimus analyzes customers for market research by developing behavioral analysis, demographic profiles, target market analysis, customer profiles, need and gap analysis, and customer parameters.

  • Market Feasibility Studies

    ROP often uses SWOT and PEST analyses to prepare detailed market feasibility studies. We include business obstacles, legal challenges, competitors and market entry barriers.

  • Competitive Analysis

    Research Optimus examines key potential competitors in new markets. This can feature website analysis, pricing strategies, benchmarking and SWOT analysis.

  • Risk Analysis

    ROP evaluates risk factors to be anticipated for new products and markets. We include threat identification, quantitative risk modeling, probabilities and suggestions for countermeasures.

  • Product Research

    Research Optimus identifies and screens new product ideas. Our approaches include customer satisfaction testing, identifying desired features and testing both products and packaging.

  • Advertising Research

    ROP researches advertising channels such as Google AdWords and offline ads by examining social media studies, cost-benefit analysis and performance measurement.

  • Media Research

    Research Optimus analyzes all major media channels to assess marketing effectiveness of media alternatives such as music, radio, TV, online, offline, print media and social media.

  • SWOT Analysis

    ROP identifies practical strategic alternatives in new and existing markets using the TOWS matrix and assessing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

  • Market Trend Reports

    Research Optimus examines new developments and trends. This typically includes regulatory changes, product trends, consumer behavior developments, economic forecasts and technology trends.

  • Market Segmentation Reports

    ROP breaks down markets into target market subsets that enable in-depth analysis of pricing, consumer preferences, buyer priorities, customer interests, consumer needs and geographical data.

  • Data Analytics

    Research Optimus reviews how data analytics methods can make market research more effective and accurate. Alternatives include big data analysis, multi-dimensional scaling, multivariate techniques, discrete choice analysis, conjoint analysis and data mining.

  • Sales Analysis

    ROP applies multi-level sales analysis that can encompass localized sources such as individual branches or sales breakdowns for entire groups and countries.

  • Industry Reports

    ROP assesses market conditions in specific industries. These feature industry specific metrics, key challenges, major players and changing conditions.

  • Legal and Regulatory Reports

    Research Optimus enables businesses to stay abreast of regulatory and legal issues such as valuation guidelines, tax structures and compliance requirements.

Business Market Research Services

  • Data Analysis

    Our team helps your business utilize the mass amounts of internal and external data. Analysis can reveal key industry trends, cycles, and other information that can provide you a competitive edge.

  • Brand Research

    Customer perception and their needs are critical to developing and moving your brand forward. Our experts help with everything from logo selection to choosing the best holiday promotion.

  • Market Research Surveys

    Knowing your customers and end markets is critical for your business but takes time and expertise to do thoroughly. Our service will make sure you have the greatest understanding of your market.

  • Survey Analysis

    Our survey analysis turns the data and information collected through surveys into information that helps your business make decisions. Our team can identify points of inflection and other critical factors.

Benefits of Hiring Expert Market Research Analyst

When you are exploring when and how to outsource market research services, keep these major ROP benefits in mind:

  • Research Optimus acts as an independent market research firm that delivers unbiased and accurate information and also verifies the validity of third party market research data.
  • Offers timely and cost-effective primary research services that enable companies of all sizes to use original research data when making key market entry decisions.
  • Uses its expertise with the latest research tools and techniques to ensure market research results that are based on modern data analytics processes.
  • Research Optimus compiles up-to-date industry-specific regulatory and legal reports to guarantee that your compliance departments are always aware of the latest legal changes in both existing and new markets.
  • Has financial valuation experts that can provide fast turnarounds whenever you need taxation or accounting support for new market areas.
  • Research Optimus has media research and advertising experts who can help you optimize marketing expenditures for new products and markets.
  • Provides independent product research services that facilitate a prudent preview of consumer reactions and buying decisions before making final strategic choices.
  • Research Optimus ensures that you stay one step (or more) ahead of the competition when entering new markets or adding new products/services by performing in-depth assessment of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Research Optimus — Market Research Experts

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Pricing & Engagement Options

Flexible hourly pricing methodology for one-time research needs, and dedicated full-time equivalent resource allocation for on-going projects.

Quality Systems

ISO 9001:2008 standard quality assurance and defined quality polices to ensure data collection and presentation accuracy levels are consistent.

Security and Confidentiality

Customer information and project confidentiality secured by Non-disclosure Agreements and project data by workstation security policies.

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