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Research Optimus (ROP) is an independent brand research agency that provides White-label brand research services to research agencies. We also work with organizations and marketers looking for an offshore team to outsource their brand research projects. We aim to provide our clients with high-quality research while delivering significant cost advantages.

Our wide range of white-label brand research services helps research firms gather insights needed to improve brand messaging, competitiveness, and visibility for their clients.

Our team is based in Bangalore, India. Our customers are spread across the globe in North America, Europe, and Australia. As a leading brand research services provider, ROP has a growing list of customers that include research firms, advertising agencies, MNCs, SMEs, and Fortune 5000 companies.

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Extensive Brand Research Services
by Research Optimus

ROP features a customizable service range dedicated to Brand Research Services that stem from
years of experience delivering on specialized brand needs throughout varied industries:

  • Positioning Strategy

    ROP demonstrates how and where you can improve or reshape your business to better align with customers or distinguish from competitors.

  • Finding Key Differentiators

    ROP pinpoints key segments that signify specified areas that can be targeted for improvements and adjustments.

  • Brand Mapping

    ROP builds a detailed overview of your business in relation to the market and how you are positioned by your products, services and competitors.

  • Promotional/Marketing Medium Suggestion

    ROP discovers the most viable marketing and promotional mediums per brand objectives and most influential format for targeted customers.

  • Perceptual Mapping

    ROP provides comprehensive research surrounding the customer journey behaviors across all touchpoints to align strategies with existing and potential customers.

  • Customer Reaction Gathering

    ROP uses exploratory surveys, testing and research to discover customer reaction to specified areas, including products and services, UX experience, social media presence, and more.

  • Brand Value Monitoring

    ROP delivers research-based insight into helping businesses understand how and why people are paying for your brand.

Research Optimus

Benefits of Outsourcing Brand Research Services to ROP

Businesses across the globe are accustomed to the growth and opportunities presented through ROP’s Brand Research Services and rely on the quality and accuracy of research and database creation from our experienced team.

Informed Decision Making

Identify Competition

Capture Target Audience

Allocate Marketing Spend

Perception Insights

Integrated Metrics

Improve Brand Performance,
Positioning, and Perception with ROP

Organizations have entrusted ROP’s experience and capabilities to generate the insights needed to elevate brand performance, positioning, and perception based on proven research tools such as surveys, focus groups, workshops, social media data, competitive and market intelligence, and much more.

Contact ROP today and discover how outsourcing Brand Research Services to us can dramatically improve your brand marketing and positioning strategies today.

Research Optimus

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