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Research Optimus (ROP) is a leading provider of white-label market research surveys to research agencies. We also work with MNCs, SMEs, and startups in helping them learn about their target markets and customers with extensive market research surveys.

Our surveys are designed to gather demographic data, customer behavior insights, and brand perceptions. Our services offer significant cost advantages which is why several Fortune 5000 companies have chosen us as their offshore research partner.

Our team is located in Bangalore, India. We serve customers from across North America, Europe, and Australia with flexible engagement plans.

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Market Research Survey Services and Survey Tools

ROP’s white-label market research surveys are ideal for research agencies looking for the following –

Survey Design

We identify the objective of the survey, select a sample size of the population and use a data collection channel to generate useful information from customers and prospects.


We ensure that every question is designed in a manner that gets you the most relevant data.


We offer programming services for creating surveys using software with proper logic and design.


We design surveys that can collect a large volume of data and are hosted on quality servers to prevent crashing or lost data.

Quota Management

We ensure that your survey sample is large enough to make definitive judgments about the population.

Data Analysis and Statistical Services

Our analysts are experts in serving intelligence via data analysis for understanding the data collected.

Survey Panel

We also offer survey panels and panel management services to help your business generate effective strategies to increase ROI.

Our Market Research
Survey Tools

We have everything you need to develop comprehensive surveys that answer your business questions. From online surveys (OLAP, CAWI, etc.), to web hosting to mail surveys to telephone surveys and CATI, we can generate and analyze surveys to meet your research needs.

Whatever your company needs, Research Optimus can get the job done with
affordable research solutions that are certain to help your business thrive.
Contact us today to learn more.

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