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Research Optimus (ROP) has an expert team of analysts working from Bangalore, India, along with years of financial analysis experience providing highly sought-after Merger and Acquisition services.

Our M&A financial modeling service includes identification of acquisition targets, gathering information on them, conducting industry analysis, creating financial models, and capturing investor and street opinion on comparable transactions.

We work with leading MNCs, SMEs, startups, and Fortune 5,000 companies worldwide covering deals across industries and geographies to ensure that our clients receive best-in-class research and analysis to drive their business objectives.

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M&A Services from Research Optimus

  • Target Identification and Screening

    Our team has developed a value-driven market scan approach, which simplifies the identification and screening processes required to find legitimate acquisition or alliance targets.

  • Financial Due Diligence

    Our teams perform in-depth reviews of company business plans, paying specific attention to market conditions as well as the state of the industry and any potential competition.

  • Trading and Transaction Comparable

    With far-reaching knowledge of P/E ratio (Price to Earnings) or EV/EBITDA (Enterprise Value to Earnings Before Taxes Depreciation and Amortization), we explore the current market value of similar assets to determine the value of a given asset or company.

  • Regulation and Policy Analysis

    We have cemented ourselves as a valuable source for regulatory news, analysis, and rules and we assist organizations in connecting regulatory developments with meaningful interpretation.

  • Valuation Support

    We match our valuation support services to each client’s particular needs, thoroughly and accurately quantifying and articulating value for various purposes including taxation, transaction, financing, litigation, and strategic management.

  • Market and Competitive Intelligence

    Our teams assist in conducting Market Intelligence (MI) and Competitive Intelligence (CI) and collect background information on market conditions and changes as well as factors affecting pricing, sales, and profits.

  • Operational Synergy Analysis

    We perform the reviews for synergy proposals underpinning the deal with a strong focus on achievability, cost to implementation, and timing of delivery, and assessing all aspects of synergy delivery.

Unique End-Benefits of Availing our Services

We take a systematic M&A Research approach, the benefits of which are varied and numerous:

Our dedicated research team provides detailed insights and support on valuations, forecasting, M&A financial modeling, and risk assessment to ensure that there is no mismatch between company strategy and acquisition capabilities.

With vast experience in opportunity assessment across several markets and sectors, we help optimize opportunities for a successful acquisition.

Our extensive network of both public and non-public databases and external resources enables us to integrate disorganized and fragmented information into comprehensive intelligence.

As a trusted partner, we develop frameworks that can be used for multiple acquisitions by M&A agencies and consultancies.

Depending on the project requirements and client preference, we offer dedicated teams, FTEs, and on-demand hourly contracts.

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