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Research Optimus’s (ROP) sales analytics services enable businesses to understand their sales trends and shed light on potential warning signs in the process early on. Analysts at ROP helps to analyze past sales data to figure out sales patterns, providing a solid foundation for setting future sales budgets. Our sales trend analysis service assists businesses to gain insight into sales behavior, product affinity, and market baskets while simultaneously building an understanding of emerging customer engagement patterns.

With the help of an experienced team of analysts, ROP helps organizations apply extensive analysis on sales data, uncovering insights on sales and product behavior to help design smart marketing strategies. We make use of advanced pattern and trend analysis techniques that helps clients to narrow down on areas that will generate more revenue and maximize the profit.

Contact us to discover how our services can help you identify where your strengths lie and how to harness opportunities for future profitable growth.

Sales Analytics Services from Research Optimus

ROP’s expert analysts are skilled at using your existing sales history to uncover critical business insight, encompassing disparate data sources, and providing reliable forecasts, based on existing sales history. Our main focus is to help clients to manage their operations and plan for sustainable growth.

Sales Dashboards

We use sales data to build interactive KPI dashboards, enabling our clients to track and manage their sales activity. The goal is to enable them to do their data discovery; keeping a finger on the pulse of their sales performance.

Data Integration

We integrate data from disparate software sources, providing clients with a fully comprehensive overview of their business. We focus on sources including various business platforms such as sales force automation (SFA), supply chain management (SCM), CRM, and ERP. We also take into account varied data sets from different geographic locations, subsidiaries, points of sale, and branches.

Sales Data Analysis

Our analysts are highly experienced and are equipped to tackle a wide range of sales data analysis procedures, providing detailed reports on business revenues, inventory analysis, and customer analysis.

Sales Forecasting

Our analysis is particularly skilled at analyzing historical sales. We take seasonality into account to gather full insight on basket penetration. We take a closer look at customers’ responses to existing and previous promotional campaigns to deliver an accurate sales forecast.

Product Performance

Our goal is to identify both high-performing and underperforming products and services, providing clients with a comprehensive look at their portfolio. We analyze the total revenue split month by month and also take a closer look at revenue and income per product group, the total volume produced per month, as well as the cost of goods sold.

Retail Sales Analysis

We help our clients gain a thorough understanding of the purchasing behavior of their customers. We create reports that enhance visibility into buying and purchasing data, providing reports on location-specific metrics, customer-centric price optimization, and average retail price per product.

Data Visualization

We help our clients to assimilate important information by creating different types of presentations including heat maps, charts, graphs, and geographic dashboards. We aim to showcase the most relevant information in an easily accessible format.

Benefits of Availing our Sales Analysis Services

ROP’s sales trend analysis services are designed to help our clients set the foundations for profitability and growth. The benefits of our data analysis services are varied and include the following:

  • Due to the seasonal nature of sales analysis, it often ties in with the busiest times for each company. Outsourcing alleviates unnecessary strain on internal teams, allowing them to focus on the tasks they do best.
  • ROP’s teams can be scaled up or down depending on the client’s reporting needs. We can assist during the most challenging times including product launches, large events, seasonal festivities, and peak periods.
  • Our analysts are experienced across several industries. The universal nature of sales enables us to learn something new from each of our clients.
  • We look ahead. As a long-term focused partner, we can build custom schedules, procedures, and frameworks that are tailored to each client to be used in the long run.
  • Our state-of-the-art software and hardware infrastructure saves clients’ money. These systems are expensive for individual businesses to implement and maintain, and by setting these up on our side, we pass on the savings to our clients.
  • Data security is of the utmost importance to ROP. We implement ISO management, system security audits, certifications, and internal assessments to maintain high levels of security for every one of our clients.

Get Your Sales Data Analyzed from the Experts at ROP

Research Optimus’s expert analysts invest the time required to complete detailed analyses, providing clients with the valuable insight they need to launch successful marketing campaigns. Contact us today, and one of our dedicated project managers will get back to you to discuss your needs within one business day.

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