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Media monitoring is a vital aspect of brand development. It is advantageous to you and your company to spend as much time as possible understanding how you are presented and represented in the media. This is applicable not only for your company brand but for topics, people and competitors in your field that may provide valuable data you can use when making decisions about product and service development or marketing allocation.

Research Optimus provides a full range of media monitoring services that are designed to provide you with the highest level of quality data for your company. If you are interested in developing a campaign to better understand how to convert traffic to your website or store front into real paying business, contact us today.

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The Digital Media Monitoring Process

While traditional media offers a tremendous amount of data as well, it is in digital media that the most data can be generated. This is because it highly accessible and offers so many data points in a digital setting. Digital media is a powerful tool that we can take advantage of when helping your business improve ROI and customer engagement.

The process involves three important steps:
1) Activation, 2) Acquisition, and 3) Activity -- and is developed on a company-by-company basis to ensure information is used effectively according to the needs of your brand.


Activation - Convert Traffic to Customers

The first step is to ensure that when people arrive on your website they convert to customers at as high a rate as possible. Traffic is meaningless without conversions. By monitoring data related to your website, competitor websites and important topics in your field, we generate a plan that allows us to analyze conversions as a whole on your site.

This allows us to segment visitors, track traffic paths and create reports that represent the actions of your visitors. Using multivariate testing, we can determine how best to layout a site, place advertisements, and adjust offers to improve conversions. Using a targeted campaign, we can generate predictive models that improve over time.

Acquisition - Drive Traffic to Site

Once traffic is guaranteed to convert on your website, we start generating traffic to your site using a number of media sources including:

Activation - Convert Traffic to Customers

Once customers are on your site, we want to ensure they not only convert, but engage with your brand. To increase this we use recommendation engines and adjacent product displays to increase cross-sell and up-sell activity. We also use CRM analytics to segment customers and determine their lifetime values. We can also use retention programs to improve customer loyalty and overall spend.

From the moment a visitor enters your site, to the moment they decide to buy, you want to know you are getting the most possible out of your website. With media monitoring services from Research Optimus you will. Talk to our 'analyst on hire' now.



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