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Research Optimus (ROP) is a leading provider of white-label database creation services to research agencies. We also work with pharmaceutical companies and biomedical firms for conducting the study of information related to pharmaceuticals, biomedical research, and clinical studies in various fields of medicine.

Located in Bangalore, India, ROP is the chosen database creation and management service provider for several MNCs, SMEs, startups, and Fortune 5,000 companies located across North America, Europe, and Australia. Our affordable services with comprehensive research offerings make us a leader in this segment.

For pharmaceutical database creation services catered to the specific needs of your research regimen and available with flexible engagement plans, contact Research Optimus.

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Pharmaceutical Industry Database
Creation Services

There are several ways in which data gathered from key sources such as chemical structure, numerical data, web data, and textual data extracted from medical and scientific research can benefit your own research.

At ROP we understand those relationships and create new database applications that build on them effectively.

We start by generating a CRF design from the study protocol, using the exact criteria already laid out in your studies or early documentation to create a database that will gather and organize data for you effectively. Once the paper CRF is created, we start generating the electronic CRF using current industry-standard tools or custom tools that we have developed in-house for just such circumstances.

Once the electronic CRF is generated, the process of data entry is started using a double-entry format to failsafe against incorrect entry. All data is further validated with automatic edit checks, and reports are generated to document the process from start to finish.

We support query generation as well as research of principal investigators and profiling of key people within the database. From start to finish, database creation is done with your study in mind to ensure the best possible results.

Biostatistics Gathering and Analysis

The data gathered and entered into your database can be analyzed using several industry-standard techniques designed or customized specifically to biostatistics. These include univariate analysis, multivariate analysis with factor, cluster, discriminant, and other analyses integrated into the process, regression techniques including both linear and non-linear analysis, and advanced techniques such as Survival analysis.

Using the most effective statistical software currently on the market such as SPSS and SAS, we will carefully analyze the data gathered into your database and generate Analysis Reports according to your study protocol, ensuring the most effective information is presented.

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If you need database creation services for your pharmaceutical research study, talk to our ‘analyst on hire’ today and ask to talk with one of our database specialists. With a full roster of highly trained scientists and medical researchers on staff, you can rest assured that you’ll be working with a highly experienced offshore research partner located in India.

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