ROP Assisted Medicine Manufacturer in Developing
a Healthcare Dashboard for Patient Data Analysis

Our Client - One of the World’s
Largest Medicine Manufacturers

Based in Hong Kong, the client is one of the world’s largest medicine manufacturers and is focused on discovering and developing life-changing medicines while simultaneously improving the understanding and management of diseases. At its core, the business has a strong philanthropic approach, uplifting communities through volunteering efforts and aiding the less fortunate wherever possible.

Founded in 1876, the company still stands by the humanitarian approach adopted by its founder over a century ago. The focus is a global one, aiming to improve the lives of people around the world through healthier, more active lifestyles.

Requirements for Developing
Healthcare Dashboard

Research Optimus (ROP) was tasked with the development of a patient dashboard that would include patient compliance, demography, number of calls made by the nurse, and the number of new patients every month.

Our developers needed to conceptualize and develop a dashboard that would include a refresh function. Copying and pasting new data into an Excel spreadsheet or Google Visual Studio should automatically cause the charts and graphs to refresh, thus ensuring that information will always be correct and up-to-date.

Challenges Faced by
ROP’ Development Team

In addition to the challenges related to the time constraints, some delay was caused due to lack of adequate information on the dashboard. Once we received the detailed information from the client, our team proceeded according to the stage-wise internal delivery timelines.

ROP’ Detailed Development

Our project managers and development team approached the project with the following process steps for timely delivery:

  • We scheduled three rounds of telephonic discussion to fully understand the scope of the project and to collect a fully comprehensive list of the client’s requirements.
  • Resources were assigned to each specific stage of the developmental process, ensuring that the client receives only the best talent and expertise.
  • Brainstorming sessions involved the entire team (project manager, backend developers, front-end designers) and centered around creating a dashboard that would live up to the client’s needs and expectations.
  • Wireframes were created and passed on to the client for approval.
  • With the help of some high-end tools, our team designed the layout of the dashboard and created mockups for the client’s perusal.
  • During the development phase, our team focused on component placement, writing a flawless CSS file, attaching data sources, and tweaking performance when necessary.
  • The client was asked for a final round of feedback.
  • Once approved, we delivered the files in Excel format.

End Benefits for the Client

The Research Optimus team was able to develop and deliver the dashboard well within the defined delivery timeline. The client acknowledged the quality of our work with 100% satisfaction and requested our assistance for another project.


Flexible hourly pricing methodology for one-time research needs, and dedicated


ISO 9001:2008 standard quality assurance and defined quality polices to ensure data


Customer information and project confidentiality secured by Non-disclosure Agreements

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