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Research Optimus (ROP) offers medical and pharmaceutical data analysis services to research firms and pharma companies. Our analysts are capable of handling a large number of data points, analyzing them, and deriving intelligence that is critical to business leaders and executives of pharma companies.

We do this using state-of-the-art technology and the latest analytical methods, at affordable prices.

Our office is based in Bangalore, India. We are the offshore research partner of choice of several Fortune 5,000 companies, enterprises, SMEs, and startups located across the Americas, Europe, and Australia.

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Pharmaceutical Data Analysis
Offerings from ROP

We serve the needs for medical research, market research, and marketing and sales development in the following areas:

  • Segmentation and Targeting Analysis

    Data related to the target market and industry segmentation.

  • Market Research Analysis

    Detailed research into the market, competitors, and the public perception at any given time.

  • Promotions Planning and Return Analysis

    Data related to the types of marketing plans and total expected return on investment based on past campaigns and similar products.

  • Sales and Promotions Tracking

    Analysis of actual sales and promotions and their overall performance, both in general and in specific demographics.

  • Resource and Investment Optimization

    Analysis of data related to resource and investment allocation for both research and promotion of a product.

To gather and analyze data in these various fields, we use a variety of sources including:

  • Clinical Data

    Specific data gathered through clinical trials, both for the current product and as a comparison to past products.

  • Web Data

    Data is gathered based on search queries, site content optimization, and the general climate of both possible customers and key influencers in the field.

  • Primary Data

    First-hand data taken within a study or gathered through market research to determine possible reactions to the brand or products produced by that brand.

  • Secondary Data

    Information gathered online or through market research related to the actual reaction of a populous to your brand or product.

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