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The landscape of the pharmaceutical industry is increasingly competitive and complex, and pharmaceutical companies need targeted information support to develop aggressive business strategies. The solution is Competitive Landscaping Services from Research Optimus. A globally recognized outsourcing research and analytics firm, ROP is able to provide pharmaceutical companies with the solutions required to overcome specific industry challenges via Competitive Intelligence.

As pharmaceutical companies face varying challenges within the industry, which include the need to achieve product visibility, accurately profile competitor strategies, overcome low find rates, create effective product messaging, successfully direct marketing efforts, and define customer base. Competitive landscaping from ROP can provide insight solve the above challenges, and more, for supportive information that can benefit pharmaceutical companies in a variety of strategic business areas. Receive trusted insights, confidentiality, and experience with ROP's Competitive Intelligence options.

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Competitive Landscaping

Research Optimus offers Competitive Landscaping Services that are aimed at supporting decision-making capabilities for pharmaceutical industries, providing them with accurate data about a variety of industry factors:

  • Intelligence on Competitor's R&D Strategy

    ROP can provide your pharmaceutical company with information regarding competitor research and development strategies, enabling you to make responsive business decisions based on competitor R&D strengths and weakness, and continue innovating.

  • Sales Force Assessment

    Receive valuable insight into your pharmaceutical sales force, and identify their respective strengths and weaknesses so that you can ensure that they can succeed at their jobs, achieve required numbers, and make specific improvements.

  • Intelligence on Product Pipeline and Product Lifecycle Management

    Better manage your product's lifecycle, from inception and engineering design to manufacturing and distribution, with competitive intelligence from ROP's Product Pipeline and Product Lifecycle Management services.

  • Identifying Product Launch Time, Pricing, and Positioning Strategies

    ROP's competitive intelligence can determine the ideal time to introduce new pharmaceutical products into the market, price them competitively, and position your company within the market most advantageously.

  • Marketing Distribution Channel Analysis

    ROP can analyze the chain of wholesalers, retailers, and distributors to arm pharmaceutical companies with the distributing intelligence needed to develop tactical marketing methods.

  • Key Message Analysis

    Gain insight on how to identify messaging opportunities for your pharmaceutical products so that your company can effectively direct promotional efforts and product message campaigns most effectively to your clients.

  • Target Identification

    ROP can identify new medications with our Target Identification Services, enabling pharmaceutical businesses to determine which new drugs are entering their market.

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Accurate, competitive intelligence data can help your pharmaceutical company support the strategic decisions that will drive your organization forward. Contact Research Optimus today to discover how our Competitive Landscaping Solutions can assist your company with all of your unique business needs.


Benefits of Using ROP's Competitive Landscaping Solutions

Pharmaceutical companies need Competitive Landscaping Solutions that will provide them with reliable, lasting benefits to support for crucial decision-making tactics. Research Optimus brings all those benefits:

  • ROP can provide competitive intelligence that will assist your company in projecting revenue for your product pipeline, and for your marketed drugs.

  • Enable your company to prioritize pharmaceutical R&D spending by locating any existing or potential gaps, in addition to identifying any customer unmet needs with ROP's thorough analysis of competitor's focus and R&D prime concerns.

  • Identify which companies are entering and exiting your specific market through licensing or acquisition, in addition to which companies are securing or providing funding.

  • ROP's Competitive Landscaping Services can enable your pharmaceutical business to anticipate future market changes and fluctuations via patent expiration tracking.

  • ROP can provide information to enable your pharmaceutical business to better maintain customer engagement levels with your brand, refine product messaging, and profile competitors and their customers on an incremental schedule for Competitive Intelligence that grows with your company.

  • Enable your business to continually identify openings within the pharmaceutical market for sales opportunities and product launches with ROP's Competitive Landscaping Solutions.

  • Gain insight into your existing or potential competitors so that your pharmaceutical company can position itself accordingly, with actionable and responsive strategy development from ROP.


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