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Research Optimus (ROP) is a white-label life science informatics services provider that aids the life science research process by using advanced technologies offered by computer science to identify core components in organisms and ecosystems.

Based in Bangalore, India, we employ highly skilled scientists in all life sciences including biology, medicine, and chemistry among others. We are the preferred partner of global research firms, medical researchers, scientists, and pharmaceutical companies because of the vast cost savings we deliver through our research services.

Among our clients are several MNCs, SMEs, startups, and Fortune 5,000 companies based in the US, Europe, and Australia who offshore life science informatics projects to us in India.

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Our Life Science Informatics Services

ROP has been using advanced computer science technologies to develop effective means of studying exactly how different environments form, interact and vary depending on the actions of specific variables.

  • We can help you model, run and analyze experiments using advanced computer tools in a closed setting.
  • We help gather data for large projects, such as the development of a new drug or a massive, multi-year study with multiple testing phases.
  • We can compare treatments, generate social correlations that help in diagnosis, evaluate health policies, and much more
  • Our scientists also offer informatics services to pharmaceutical companies, corporations, and medical researchers to develop the most effective systems currently available for life science-related experiments.

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If you are interested in learning more about life science informatics or would like to discuss our services with a customer service specialist, contact us today.

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