Research Services for the Technology Industry

Perhaps more than any other business sector, Research Optimus’ research teams are supporting technology sector organizations stay one or more steps ahead of the competition with their pace of innovation. This means keeping track of innovative technology in all industries and business sectors — a task made more practical by leading external research firms like Research Optimus.

Because of challenges that are often unique to firms working in technology-related fields, ROP offers customized research services for technology sector clients. For example, start-ups are particularly prevalent in the technology sector, so Research Optimus has dedicated several of our advanced services to meeting unique start-up needs — a prime illustration is the exclusive ROP service that facilitates access to start-up financing via the best business angels and venture capitalists.

Research Optimus offers expertise, experience and practical solutions to market entry challenges involving the technology sector. It enables tech companies enter new markets, a key business strategy for achieving rapid growth.

ROP's research experts can make an easier path to pursue by identifying suitable partners and examining the best opportunities for timely synergy. Cross-industry ventures and partnerships represent a viable collaborative strategy for overcoming technological difficulties and obstacles.

Ways We Provide Research Services for Technology Sector Clients

Here are the customized ROP services that we provide to technology industry clients:

  • Technology Industry Reports

    ROP analyzes the technology sector and then publishes actionable summary reports. We include M&A activity, pertinent technology events and conferences, trends, developments involving new technologies and major players.

  • Related Industries Reports

    Research Optimus assesses a broad range of industries both within and beyond the technology sector with detailed analysis, expert interviews, updates and examination of special challenges.

  • Product Innovations

    ROP reports on technological innovations for individuals and businesses by evaluating technology predictions, forecasts, cost-benefit analysis, target group analysis, hardware, software and mobile technologies.

  • Primary Research

    Research Optimus engages in primary research methods such as interviews with clients and competitors, questionnaires, mail surveys, quantitative and qualitative analysis and online surveys.

  • Cybersecurity Research

    ROP analyzes risk parameters for the technology sector, reviews cybersecurity developments and trends, identifies leading consultants and experts and publishes summaries and white papers to discuss findings.

  • Idea Generation

    Research Optimus uses market research and interviews involving both experts and consumers to generate new ideas for technology enterprises.

  • Business Intelligence Dashboard

    ROP facilitates decision-making and information management by technology executives and departments by presenting a broad range of data metrics and key performance indicators in accessible scorecards and customized reports.

  • Technology Industry Analytics

    Research Optimus incorporates advanced big data analytics that include data analysis, data mining and regression analysis. We produce actionable overviews that include pertinent statistics and graphs.

  • Competitive Intelligence

    ROP makes sure that technology sector competitors are looked at from every conceivable angle. We typically include technology industry benchmarking, market share, customer segments, products and services breakdowns, pricing strategies, financial analysis, organization profiles, business strategies and SWOT analysis.

  • Market Entry Research

    Research Optimus examines market entry barriers for specific technology-related products and services. Our research team analyzes cultural issues, multi-language research, laws and regulations, marketing and production costs, predictions, forecasts and trends that impact potential market success.

  • Technology Hype Cycles

    Research Optimus depicts growth and maturity cycles that are prevalent in technology services and products. This enables timing of strategies and development speed to be kept in the forefront of the business decision process.

  • Vendor Ratings

    ROP independently evaluates public and private IT providers in terms of products and services. We develop both qualitative and quantitative ratings that are unbiased.

  • Legal Reports

    ROP researches legal risks that emanate from new technologies, reviews legal reporting standards, analyzes legal issues, examines any legal restrictions of technological innovations and assesses intellectual property laws on a country-by-country basis.

  • Macroeconomic Reports

    Research Optimus analyzes macroeconomic trends and data that can contribute to technology growth. Key macroeconomic indicators include consumer spending, labor force structure, energy prices, stock market parameters and interest rates on a regional and global basis.

  • Venture Capital Reports

    ROP identifies venture capital firms and business angels that represent the best fit with the client's growth targets and company culture. We help to arrange funding support by preparing effective information memorandums, pitch books and investor presentations.

  • Technology Valuations

    Research Optimus prepares unbiased valuation assessments of specific technological services and products. This analysis encompasses tax implications, growth predictions, cost analysis and other factors dictated by technology industry best practices.

  • Consumer Behavior Analysis

    ROP uses techniques such as social media research and data mining to analyze consumer behavior pertaining to technology sector products and services. We assess geographical and age group differences in evaluating buying patterns and how well consumer needs and concerns are being addressed.

  • Knowledge Management

    Research Optimus facilitates improving technology knowledge management by helping clients to leverage existing knowledge and expertise within the organization. Our techniques for cultivating more innovation include establishing corporate portals, holding webinars and seminars, reviewing current database organization and management practices and publishing white papers that address specialized topics.

  • Business Partner Research

    ROP identifies suitable business partners and analyzes the different levels of synergy associated with competing choices both inside and outside of the technology sector. We support the entire process by creating presentations, preparing financial models, analyzing M&A options and formulating non-disclosure and other agreements during the negotiating phase and beyond.

  • Analyst Access

    Research Optimus provides direct access to technology research analysts and other experts. This can include one-to-one strategy sessions, question and answer periods and brainstorming opportunities with our research team members.

Helping Technology Sector Clients of All Sizes

Today's technology industry includes businesses and organizations of all sizes. Regardless of how big or small your technology-related operation is, Research Optimus can help. Contact Us

Pricing & Engagement Options

Flexible hourly pricing methodology for one-time research needs, and dedicated full-time equivalent resource allocation for on-going projects.

Quality Systems

ISO 9001:2008 standard quality assurance and defined quality polices to ensure data collection and presentation accuracy levels are consistent.

Security and Confidentiality

Customer information and project confidentiality secured by Non-disclosure Agreements and project data by workstation security policies.

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