Media and Blog Monitoring – The New Data Points for Brand Recall

One of the primary measures of success in the marketplace, especially against a high number of competitors, is brand recall. If your company’s name is on the lips of more people than that of your competitor, you are doing something right. But today’s consumers are using a different platform to learn about and discuss the things they buy – the Internet.

Online media and blog monitoring provides invaluable information that can help you determine the true extent of brand recall not only for your company, but also for any one individual product, service or person within your company. That is the extent to which online media monitoring allows you to understand your customers.

How Media and Blog Monitoring Work

Every day, millions of pages are written and added to the Internet, by journalists, consumers, and prospective consumers. Within that content on blogs, social media sites and other media outlets are mentions of the products those people use and recommend to their friends.

Using modern media monitoring techniques, you can actually gather data from those postings and determine how often your brand is mentioned anywhere in the globe. It is exceptionally powerful market research, and it is one of the many reasons companies are increasingly turning to the Internet to get this kind of work done.

More importantly, blogs and social media profiles represent a more permanent display of brand recall. This is not an analyst asking someone on the street what their favorite car is. It is someone actively posting it to a public forum where it only continues to build you brand. This is powerful, and so too is the ability to measure it.

Going Beyond Passive Brand Recall

Of course, what makes the Internet so powerful is how interactive it is. Using analytics, advanced tracking and social media insights software, you can actively engage with your audience and measure their response. You can give surveys and request information about brand recall, or you can sponsor pages or responses on major social networks that will solicit similar responses.

So, how should you use digital media and blog data points to gain as much as possible from the Internet? It depends mostly on the audience you are investigating, the type of data you hope to gather and the types of responses you get in offline testing of the same data. Whatever it is, you can rest assured knowing that online data collection is an immensely powerful way to generate information about the brand recall you have and the way your ideal customer interacts with your company and its products, both online and in their daily life.

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