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As a leading white-label social media monitoring analytics service provider, Research Optimus (ROP) is recognized for effectively addressing the need for real-time analysis of consumer behavior.

Our services support research agencies and brands in understanding their customers, gaining an edge over their competitors, and applying actionable insights to strategic initiatives. We do this in a highly cost-effective manner with flexible engagement plans.

Our researchers are based in Bangalore, India. We are one of the most preferred offshore partners of startups, SMEs, and large enterprises from the UK, USA, Europe, and Australia looking to outsource to India.

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Social Media Monitoring Analytics
Services from ROP

ROP offers a scalable, exclusive range of services that are adapted to suit your business’s
specific marketing objectives.

  • Social Media Listening

    ROP conducts thorough sentiment and topic analysis to draw insights from large quantities of social messages by focusing on certain keywords, hashtags, and topics.

  • Demographic Analysis

    ROP measures and compiles customer demographic data to provide businesses with a superior understanding of your follower base across different social media.

  • Social Media Channel Analysis

    ROP identifies how your business, products, services, and brand is performing by conducting a comparative analysis of your business’s level of success across various social media channels.

  • Competitor Social Media Analysis

    ROP analyzes competitor data regarding content your competitors are posting, their level of activity, influence, and engagement across channels, and how their content strategies are performing.

Benefits of Utilizing Our
Social Media Monitoring Services

Businesses will receive trusted insights acquired from ROP’s exclusive social media
monitoring services and enjoy the following benefits:

Partner with ROP for In-Depth
Social Media Monitoring Analytics Services

Market research, brand research, and media monitoring, etc. being the specialized services, Research Optimus has the technology, tools, and advanced capabilities to accelerate your business’s marketing strategies based on robust social media monitoring.

Contact us today to discover more about ROP’s white-label social media marketing services.

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