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Gain an Edge through a Proactive Investing Approach 13 Feb 2014

Gain an Edge through a Proactive Investing Approach

Investors often spend hours analyzing financial statements, industry information, valuation tables and conducting other analysis before picking a stock or an ETF.  After all this work, the tendency is too much like that of a golfer standing in a

Financial Analysis of Sustainable Wind Energy Policy in the US 27 Jun 2013

Financial Analysis of Sustainable Wind Energy Policy in the US

United States government’s decision to allow for the establishment of wind farms on thousands of acres of ocean across the East Coast has injected a new life into this sector. A recent study has concluded that the presence of off-shore Atlantic win

Financial Planning and Analysis' Best Practices 02 May 2013

Financial Planning and Analysis’ Best Practices

Financial planning is extremely important, but not often prioritized. It is the process of identifying your life’s priorities and goals and conducting financial analysis to d

The Role of Equity Research Analyst 18 Apr 2013

The Role of Equity Research Analyst

The role of equity research analyst is broken down into two roles: sell-side and buy-side equity research analyst. On a fundamental level, it appears that these two roles are similar as both parties spend their day researching companies and industrie

Investment Management 101 12 Apr 2013

Investment Management 101

Investment management is the process of creating a portfolio of securities (stocks, bonds and other securities/assets) to achieve a specific goal. There are numerous considerations to consider before you form your portfolio. For example, you must def

Top-Down Equity Research 04 Apr 2013

Top-Down Equity Research

Top-down and bottom-up equity research are two completely strategies for stock-picking. There are advantages to both, but if you only focus on one, you may miss out on important information that could impact the performance of your portfolio. The s

Corporate Governance Is Important For Company's Valuation 06 Dec 2012

Does Corporate Governance really matter in a Company’s Valuation?

You hold stocks of a well known multinational company and one day there’s a sudden crash in its prices on the stock exchange. There’s a rumor of a big accounting fraud going on in the company for over 5 yrs – well hidden and covered by a