Scientific Research Support Services from Research Optimus

Effective scientific research often requires a delicate balance among profiling, web mining, data collection and publishing tasks. In one decision, you can have access to all of these comprehensive scientific research services by outsourcing to Research Optimus.

Research Optimus provides you with the right amount of flexibility without sacrificing a commitment to the utmost quality and accuracy via a highly trained scientific research team with impeccable professional credentials. We can help you complete the most rigorous scientific research projects in a timely and cost-effective fashion. Here is an introduction to what you can accomplish by outsourcing to Research Optimus.

Our Scientific Research Services

Research Optimus has been part of the scientific research community since 2002 — here are five of our proprietary scientific research support services:

  • Scientific Data MiningResearch Optimus provides data entry, validation and cleaning, data mining and survival analysis services. We outline or collate data via methods such as Meta-analysis, ROC Curve, Sample-size determination, Reliability (Kappa test and Intra-class correlation), Design of CRF in SPSS/PASW and Report Writing.
  • Structural BiologyOur Our researchers bring years of scientific experience. We handle structural biology needs such as Protein Production and Crystallization, Fragment Screening and X-ray Crystallography. Our library includes a collection of vital proteins for rapid X-ray structure determination when placed into stasis with client ligands.
  • Life Science Informatics Research Optimus can help improve the practice of medicine with the deployment of informatics to compare treatments, identify social correlates of health and evaluate health policy changes. Additional examples include basic biological research studies examining how gene expression patterns differ across cell types.
  • Crystallography Our research capabilities extend to image scoring for crystal precipitates (and more). Result annotation can be customized to your specific needs and then presented in a customized format. Research Optimus can provide comprehensive lab services to support a wide range of crystallography experiments and research projects.
  • Image Annotation Research Optimus offers customizable factors for classification of scientific images. Notes for annotation of images can include Big crystal(s), Small crystal(s), micro crystal(s), Actionable precipitate, Heavy precipitate, Light precipitate, Phase separation, Skin formation, Bad drop, Bad image and Unknown object (such as dirt).

Why Research Optimus for Scientific Research Help?

Here are four key benefits of working with Research Optimus as a scientific research partner:

  • Research Optimus offers data enrichment services to fill in the "missing blanks" that can often be present in initial results when data points are missing.
  • Research Optimus has more than a decade of experience with meeting and exceeding ISO quality standards. This combination of experience and expertise means that your project is in good hands from start to finish.
  • Research Optimus has perfected the appropriate combinations of informatics and research systems needed by scientists within private industry, pharmaceutical companies and medical research enterprises for effective scientific experiments.
  • Research Optimus provides the right balance between fast turnaround and high quality. We always observe industry best practices to ensure that analysis and reporting will meet and exceed your expectations for accuracy.

What Else Do You Need to Know?

To help you fill in any of the remaining blanks in your decision to outsource scientific research, please start with a global research industry leader — Research Optimus.

Pricing & Engagement Options

Flexible hourly pricing methodology for one-time research needs, and dedicated full-time equivalent resource allocation for on-going projects.

Quality Systems

ISO 9001:2008 standard quality assurance and defined quality polices to ensure data collection and presentation accuracy levels are consistent.

Security and Confidentiality

Customer information and project confidentiality secured by Non-disclosure Agreements and project data by workstation security policies.

Note: Research Optimus responds to business enquiries only, and we do not make unsolicited or automated calls. If you receive such calls please submit your complaint to