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As a distinguished financial service outsourcing company, Research Optimus (ROP) offers unparalleled investment banking services backed by our professional, analytical, and innovative approach. As a provider of top-tier business research and analytical services, we cater to the unique needs of our clients in investment banking in various industries.

We provide comprehensive support solutions for financial services investment banking. With a rich legacy of over a decade of insightful business research, we stand as a beacon of excellence in the industry. Our experienced team of analysts is dedicated to overcoming challenges and crafting strategic solutions for your investment banking support needs.

We understand the challenges of the investment banking sector. Our financial services outsourcing solutions are designed to navigate these complexities, offering reliable, accurate, and insightful business data to enhance your strategic decision-making process.

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Delivering Exceptional
Investment Banking Support Services

We specialize in offering customized investment banking research services to meet the distinct needs of clients in the global banking sector:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    ROP can create pitch books, screen and identify buyers, prepare information memorandums and market reports, and conduct confidential business reviews.

  • Sales Support

    ROP can help your sales team by identifying potential buyers, maintaining and updating sales databases, and preparing targeted sales presentations.

  • Investment Banking Market Overview

    ROP can assemble peer analyses, benchmarking studies, and global overviews of the investment banking market so you can evaluate competitive opportunities and internal weaknesses.

  • Financial Modeling

    ROP can lend advanced support whether you need IPO modeling, merger models, WACC calculations, LBO and DCF modeling, or asset valuation.

  • Equity Capital Markets

    Our team compiles benchmarking studies, calculates WACC, analyzes the capital structure, develops IPO models, identifies multiple companies for valuation, and completes the pre-IPO analysis.

  • Regular Trading Reports

    Our team can provide profit-loss analyses, trading reviews, event-based newsletters, and market updates according to client-defined frequencies.

  • Restructuring Reports

    Our team of experts develops pertinent fact sheets, legal information, and cost analyses by collecting data and conducting research.

  • Regulatory Reports

    We can help ensure that you don't overlook how new regulations might impact a deal with policy commentaries and impact/scenario analysis.

  • Debt Capital Markets

    ROP can provide liquidity and debt/leverage analysis, prepare bond market updates, evaluate credit ratings and analyze precedent transactions.

  • Specialized Markets and Sector Reports

    ROP can compile detailed reports about specialized products and sectors such as forex markets, commodities, ETFs, and asset-backed securities.

  • Presentation Support

    ROP can ensure that your business presentations for both internal and external audiences are effective by adjusting to different cultural settings and foreign languages.

  • Tax Reports

    ROP can address tax changes and impacts in different tax jurisdictions throughout the world to ensure tax compliance and cost-effectiveness in all markets.

  • Database Support

    We can cover all the data management functions, including library services, database conversions, the establishment of due diligence data rooms, and the preparation of league tables.

  • Macroeconomic Reports

    We publish macroeconomic analysis covering liquidity, interest rates, regional and national economic growth, and relevant central banking activity.

  • Project Finance

    We can help by identifying potential clients, validating data and financial models, developing credit reports, collecting due diligence information, and performing sensitivity analysis.

ROP's Investment Banking Support Services | The Strategic Choice

We deliver benefits that empower your business by exhaustively understanding the dynamics of banking research.

Client Satisfaction Rating

Ensuring customer satisfaction, reflecting top-notch quality and service excellence.

Accuracy Rate

Gauging financial reporting and analysis precision is pivotal for strategic decision-making.


Excelling in report delivery, service provision, and response time, recognizing the importance of the fast-paced investment banking environment.

Adherence to Regulatory Compliance

Tracking industry and governmental compliance, significantly reducing legal risks.

Cost Savings

Strategic outsourcing guarantees substantial operational cost savings, enhancing overall ROI.

Increased Efficiency

Virtual support services optimize efficiency, handling repetitive tasks to focus on strategic operations.

Improved Decision Making

Leveraging accurate data analysis for informed decisions, contributing to increased profitability and higher ROI.

Risk Reduction

Outsourcing to experts effectively mitigates risks, safeguarding against penalties and reputational damage for enhanced ROI.

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