Asset Management Support Services

Asset managers frequently have a lengthy "to do list" that can require juggling in terms of staffing, priorities, costs and resources. A relatively recent addition to the list involves adjusting to regulatory requirements imposed by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act in the United States as well as new financial regulations in other countries.

Research Optimus provides practical ways to shrink your action list to a more manageable quantity; a prudent outsourcing strategy presents a viable solution. Asset Management Companies, ETF providers, Fund Research Companies, Ranking Agencies and Third Party Information Providers relay on experienced and successful partner like Research Optimus.

Research Optimus can help asset managers with their comprehensive collection of asset management services. For example, we are specialists in establishing back-office systems that enable our clients to adjust their front and middle office staffing systems without disrupting customer support, accounting and other back-office systems. Do you need assistance with fraud reduction, tax issues, credit risk analysis, cash flow evaluation, pitchbook updates or compliance? Research Optimus can provide timely, high-quality and cost-effective solutions.

Our Asset Management Support Service Expertise

Where do you need the most help? Here are 22 ways that Research Optimus can lend an expert hand:

  • Cross-Asset Class Reports

    Our asset management support services team can provide detailed reports about different asset classes, ETFs, asset-backed securities and structured products.

  • Industry Reports

    Research Optimus can prepare specialized reports addressing specific sectors and industries. Examples include PEST analyses and industry forecasts.

  • Company Profiles

    When we look at specific companies, the profiles can include capital structure, SWOT analysis, management strategy, past and current financial performance and new critical developments.

  • Equity Market Analysis

    Research Optimus will provide the most pertinent assessment of global equity markets. We can feature trend analysis and predictions based on both fundamental and technical research as desired.

  • Fixed Income Market Analysis

    Our research team provides an ongoing evaluation of macroeconomic trends, global liquidity, central bank policies and interest rates.

  • Forex Market Analysis

    Research Optimus can provide performance analysis of foreign exchange markets to include important currency pairs.

  • Commodities Analysis

    We can analyze the overall commodities market and specific sectors such as precious metals, grains, natural gas and crude oil.

  • Manager Assessment

    Research Optimus can provide an unbiased evaluation of specialized fund managers based upon both qualitative and quantitative factors.

  • Portfolio Review

    Our approach to reviewing portfolio performance includes correlations, charts and asset allocation data.

  • Financial Modeling

    Depending on client needs, Research Optimus can create financial models encompassing debt analysis, long-term and short-term forecasts, multi-asset or stand-alone portfolio valuation and stock/bond valuation.
    Read more about our financial modeling.

  • Idea Generation

    We are constantly using data mining and market research to generate new investment opportunities on a global basis that can help asset managers to optimize portfolio returns while minimizing investment risks.

  • Investment Funds Monitoring

    Research Optimus contributes to asset allocation adjustments by comparing alternative funds according to costs, performance, risk exposure and investment emphasis. This can facilitate diversification while simultaneously identifying new business partners.

  • Client and Investor Presentations

    Clients and institutional investors often expect information to be conveyed in clear presentations, and we can help asset managers to introduce products via a high-quality presentation format.

  • Regular Market Updates and Factsheets

    Research Optimus can provide updates on a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly basis (depending on client preferences) to concisely summarize trends, events, developments and market performance.

  • Pitchbook Updates

    Much more sophisticated approach than an elevator pitch, a formalized and up-to-date pitchbook prepared by our team can help asset managers make the best possible impression to investors by assembling the most relevant information in an easy-to-use format.

  • Risk Management Support

    Research Optimus can help asset managers keep on top of managing risk factors by assessing safety/environment risks, credit risks, compliance risks and Critical Asset Performance Standards (CAPS).

  • Regulatory Compliance

    We make it easier to keep up-to-date with regional, national and global investment regulations impacting investment practices while maintaining transparency.

  • Reporting Standards

    Research Optimus can provide support regarding legal updates and IFRS compliance in different jurisdictions throughout the global economy.

  • Third Party Information Validation

    We provide a practical method of verifying third party information so that asset managers will be less likely to act upon biased or incorrect data.

  • Performance Attribution Analysis

    Research Optimus can measure active returns and assess portfolio returns based upon a benchmark portfolio.

  • Data Management

    In a "Big Data" world, asset managers must be adept at sophisticated methods of data management. We can organize, structure, cleanse and validate asset management data at all key points. Our support team will prepare DPM report updates, update databases, provide due diligence support and produce structured data summaries with vital charts and statistics to facilitate decision-making.

  • Tax Compliance

    Research Optimus will help ensure that asset managers receive needed guidance about tax regulations such as the U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FACTA) and global tax developments.

ROP's Asset Management Support Benefits

When you choose Research Optimus to help you with asset management support services, here are five of the major benefits and advantages that you can expect to realize:

  • Research Optimus has an experienced asset management support team already in place — You can have immediate access to industry and financial experts without adding to your own staff.
  • Research Optimus represents "state of the art" when it comes to data mining and management — Managing data more effectively can easily provide an edge in comparison to other asset managers, and Research Optimus has more than a decade of proven experience in the highly specialized field of data management.
  • Research Optimus uses industry "best practices" and will not sacrifice quality — Effective asset management support requires the highest possible commitment to quality, and you will receive a guarantee of high quality from Research Optimus.
  • Research Optimus provides a "time zone benefit" (for many clients based upon location) that often allows overnight action when required — Due to their location, the Research Optimus team can often work on a time-sensitive project overnight and deliver needed reports, data or presentations the next morning. This overnight commitment to asset management support services can provide asset managers with another critical competitive edge.
  • Research Optimus is a "one-stop shop" for asset management support — Instead of relying on multiple providers, asset managers can centralize support services by choosing Research Optimus as their long-term partner for obtaining legal/regulatory research, unbiased investment reports, asset allocation analysis, cross-asset class product research, global market coverage, assessment of strengths and weaknesses, and help with multi-language needs that are increasingly critical when investing in developing economies.

Helping You When You Need It Most

When asset managers need and want help the most, they typically expect to receive timely and high-quality support that is also cost-effective — this is exactly what you should expect when you hire Research Optimus as your partner. Contact Us

Other Financial Research Services Offered

Pricing & Engagement Options

Flexible hourly pricing methodology for one-time research needs, and dedicated full-time equivalent resource allocation for on-going projects.

Quality Systems

ISO 9001:2008 standard quality assurance and defined quality polices to ensure data collection and presentation accuracy levels are consistent.

Security and Confidentiality

Customer information and project confidentiality secured by Non-disclosure Agreements and project data by workstation security policies.

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