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Research Optimus (ROP) is a trusted partner for market research in the automotive industry, specializing in automotive market analysis, market segmentation, brand positioning, and much more! We offer white-label automotive market research services to research agencies as well as businesses looking to reap the cost advantage.

ROP’s mission is to deliver top-quality automotive market research data to our clients which helps them make better decisions and develop winning strategies for moving forward in the automotive industry.

Our team is based out of Bangalore, India. As an offshore partner, we cater to MNCs, SMEs, research firms, and Fortune 5000 companies located across North America, Europe, and Australia.

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Automotive Market Research
Services Offered by ROP

Extensive Automotive Market Research services from a leading offshore research firm.

  • Market Segmentation Research

    Our teams used advanced research strategies to provide an in-depth analysis of your automotive segment. We identify different segments related to your specific products with the goal of providing the right information for the development of advanced growth strategies.

  • News Monitoring

    Our teams have the tools to crawl through important news sources, and we take it a step further by going through social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit to find trends that might have escaped major news networks.

  • New Concept Exploration

    Our expert teams will provide deep insight that helps you make decisions when developing new products. Adding essential features, pricing, and design are all improved with this data.

  • Brand Positioning Research

    Ensure that your brand is positioned competitively by allowing our teams of experienced researchers to provide highly useful metrics like brand awareness, keyword searches, and brand perception for correctly positioning your brand in front of your target customers.

  • Complex Analysis

    Our financial teams will dig deep into the borrower’s history and current assets to determine the level of risk associated with loans. This allows you to decide whether or not the risk is worth the potential payout.

  • Customer Experience Optimization

    Defining the customer experience is different for every business so this vital research provides insight into the interactions your customers have with your business. Our teams provide information that helps you optimize the customer journey, boosting sales and ensuring the transaction goes smoothly.

  • Marketing Mix Modeling

    Quantify the impact of all marketing channels on sales and market shares with this highly efficient service. Our teams provide reports that detail where and how certain marketing campaigns are contributing to sales so that your leaders know how much to invest in future marketing.

Why Outsource Automotive Market Research Services to Research Optimus

We incorporate a variety of research methodologies in our services, including quantitative and qualitative research.

Gain in-depth insight into the current state of the automotive industry with focused research into specific segments.

Gain access to fully developed reports that will guide you to better, more profitable decisions.

All members of our automotive market research teams are highly qualified and have diverse academic and professional backgrounds including experiences in marketing, advertising, and research.

We offer flexible plans that will meet all budgets. This means that we are able to help both small and large businesses and aid their research efforts through our white label services.

Research Optimus — An Established,
leader in Automotive Market Research services

Contact Research Optimus to outsource Automotive Market Research and give your investments the best chance of success with our white-label research services.

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