ROP Assisted Largest Australian Claims
Administrator with Secondary Research on

Automotive Manufacturers

Client – Australian
Claim Administer

The client is the largest multidisciplinary claims administrator in Australia, which provides comprehensive services to help their clients manage claims solutions, support workers compensation programs, and offers claims management services and consults. The client required extensive secondary research on the top five global automotive companies’ Australian based branch.

Requirements for
Secondary Market Research

Needing a lengthy and extremely detailed research report from validated and authentic sources, the client wanted to partner with an international outsourcing firm who had the resources and expertise required to handle a project of this magnitude, and who could produce a complete dossier on the targeted automotive company. Deliverables would include everything from market performance and manufacturing processes to employee insights and health and safety policies.

An online inquiry led the client to Research Optimus (ROP), and after discussing with ROP’s team, the client felt confident that this project could be handled to their standards because of the following:

  • State of the art facility and the technological tools that would support the high-profile nature of the research that the client required.
  • Previous and proven experience researching all areas of the automotive domain.
  • Ability to provide an NDA and follow ironclad data privacy protocols to protect the somewhat sensitive nature of the information required for this project.

Challenges Faced by
Research Optimus

The substantial, specific nature of this secondary research-based project in the automotive industry led the ROP team to deal with a few specific challenges:

  • Certain data, specifically those about employee insights and company financial information, had very limited availability, which took additional time to address.
  • The client required daily real-time updates, which were somewhat demanding due to the client’s schedule.
  • The client added additional small detail to the request midway through the research project, which presented some difficulties in completing the assignment by the deadline.

Process Outline
for This Project

ROP was committed to developing a custom process from start to finish that would establish an agile project timeline and ensure successful outcomes while overcoming the challenges above:

  • ROP wanted to fully understand the nature of the work before beginning research and reached out to the client for a conference consultation.
  • ROP assembled a dedicated team of two researchers and data analysts, led by a project manager to effectively complete the project.
  • Secondary research protocols began with collecting data on the following:
    1. The Australian automotive company’s general overview and values.
    2. Their performance record, including market share, manufactured vehicles, profit, and sales, exported vehicles, and government funding utilizing market research, industry reports, and business analytics.
    3. Their marketing strategies and initiatives.
    4. Employee insights, including personal strengths, workers compensation, and geographical presence and impact.
    5. Recent company developments.
    6. Health and safety policies.
    7. Explicit financial information.
  • This information was organized, analyzed, and summarized, then sent to the client for approval and confirmation per their request.
  • After receiving swift approval, the ROP team completed the SWOT analysis of the Australian automotive company.
  • A multi-layered report was prepared in multiple formats so that the client could understand and interpret the information, as well as present and display it for their clients.

The Project was Delivered
with 99% Accuracy

This research-intensive project was completed successfully by ROP’s dedicated team, and the following benefits occurred:

  • The client received their reports in a dynamic, real-time visualization of data that helped them move to the next stage of their venture.

  • The client-set standards for project performance were not only met but exceeded, with a 99% accuracy level.

  • The client recommended ROP to one of their international partners, and ROP was pleased to gain another unique and valued client.


Flexible hourly pricing methodology for one-time research needs, and dedicated


ISO 9001:2008 standard quality assurance and defined quality polices to ensure data


Customer information and project confidentiality secured by Non-disclosure Agreements

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