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Research Optimus (ROP) is a leading offshore partner of research firms, banks, and mortgage firms for outsourcing their lending market research needs. We’re based in Bangalore, India, and offer significant cost advantages when it comes to conducting lending market research. Our customers are spread across North America, Europe, and Australia who work with our expert researchers and analysts for gathering evidence-based research reports and information for making strategic business decisions.

Our priority is to provide white-label lending market research services in a cost-effective manner that improves investment and marketing decisions. This is accomplished by using state-of-the-art research tools so our experts can dig deep to find the relevant information efficiently. Our flexible pricing plans ensure that customers can engage with us, no matter their time or budget constraints.

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White-Label Lending Market Research
Services Offered by ROP

Extensive white-label Lending Market research services from a leading offshore research firm.

  • High-Yield Finance and Leveraged Lending

    Get vital information on leveraged lending for mergers, recapitalization, and acquisitions. Get the data needed to increase returns and monetize perceived values, as well as capitalize on other often overlooked intangibles.

  • Investment-Grade Securities

    Determine whether investment-grade securities are worth the investment or whether they fall under the “speculative” or “junk” range. Get the information needed to make smart investments with our top-of-the-line investment-grade securities research.

  • Structured Products

    Let our expert financial team help you mitigate the high risks associated with secured products by determining which ones are most likely to profit by conducting an in-depth analysis, giving you the intelligence on what is likely to generate the best ROI.

  • Distressed Debt

    Our financial researchers uncover every piece of data related to a distressed company, providing you with the right information to make an informed decision and uncover risky endeavors.

  • Sovereign Debt

    Our financial teams will dig into current news, trends, and other data to weigh the risks involved in sovereign debt. These are generally safe investments in most countries but other factors must also be weighed.

  • Complex Analysis

    Our financial teams will dig deep into the borrower’s history and current assets to determine the level of risk associated with loans. This allows you to decide whether or not the risk is worth the potential payout.

  • Database Monitoring

    Our expert teams monitor extensive databases to find information related to important lending decisions. The goal is to determine the performance of key factors and find the evidence to back up these numbers.

  • News Monitoring

    Our teams have the tools to crawl through important news sources, and we take it a step further by going through social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit to find trends that might have escaped major news networks.

Research Optimus

Why Work with ROP

When organizations are reviewing alternatives for outsourcing financial research services, here are six major benefits when you choose ROP:

ROP provides highly affordable white-label lending research services that allow research firms to conduct research activities affordably.

Gain access to our team of financial experts who have professional degrees like MBA or CFA degrees.

Get extensive lending research conducted by professionals to make decisions regarding leveraged loans, distressed securities, and detailed analysis.

Remove a lot of stress-related to modeling deal structures by letting our teams examine the risks. This is especially important with mergers and acquisitions.

Live market data is gathered through both primary and secondary research methods, providing more advanced and relevant analytics. As a result, our teams can provide a more comprehensive range of lending research services.

Research Optimus — An Established,
leader in lending market research services

Contact Research Optimus to outsource lending market research and give your investments the best chance of success with our white-label research services.

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