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Research Optimus (ROP) provides Competitive Benchmarking services to boost the development initiatives of businesses and helps them gain an upper hand over their competitors.

Our Bangalore-based team conducts in-depth professional benchmarking and analysis of competitors with PESTEL and SWOT analysis.

ROP follows a transparent ISO standard process and offers a customized engagement model at a competitive price. This is why we are the offshore partner of choice for MNCs, SMEs, startups, and Fortune 5,000 companies from across North America, Europe, and Australia.

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Services We Offer Under
Competitive Benchmarking

ROP offers the following customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey analysis services:

  • Cross-competitor analysis

    We utilize mapping strategies and conduct in-depth analysis to make sense of industry changes, shifts in competitor’s businesses, clients, partners, and alterations in product lines while suggesting productive market strategies.

  • Thorough Research

    We research associations and conditions that may not be clear-cut and transparent and take a closer look at unrealistic projections, environmental problems, overvalued assets and income, and exposure to conflict and liability.

  • Value chain analysis

    We assist with clarifying competitive advantage and how it relates to cost along with the evaluation of drivers such as cost, sustainability of competitive advantages, and how your company differs from your competitors.

  • Key Competitor Analysis

    ROP determines your company’s position within your industry and provides vital comparisons between your business and your national or global competitors.

  • Reputational risk analysis

    ROP conducts evaluations of competitor reputations, associates, executives, patrimonial links, legal and employment histories, and business affiliations.

  • Pricing and Marketing Intelligence

    The way a product or service is presented to customers and the price of these commodities are two of the main factors influencing the way clients experience your brand.

  • Transactional Risk Analysis

    Our team combines financial, commercial, and reputational due diligence reports and analyzes the practicality of guarantees promised by competitors, and their cultural relevance, and the value of intangible assets.

Benefits of Outsourcing
Competitive Benchmarking
Services to ROP

ROP makes use of the best technology, elite team members, and 24-hour availability to provide industry-leading benefits:

  • ROP’s professional team of industry experts completes high-sensitivity operations with no bias, ensuring objectivity and transparency in all of our reports.

  • We have amassed a huge amount of data across a wide variety of industries and geographic locations. Our clients benefit from the unique insights gained from this unique process.

  • At ROP, we are committed to ensuring the security of our client’s data and we take great pains to make continuous internal assessments a priority, enabling us to maintain h.igh levels of security at all times.

  • We scale teams up or down depending on the client’s needs. We provide long-term in-house resources or outside teams, depending on the complexity of the project at hand.

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