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Recognized as a leading white-label provider of Perceptual Mapping services, Research Optimus (ROP) has empowered several MNCs, SMEs, startups, Fortune 5,000 companies, and research agencies with sufficient and appropriate data to understand customer perceptions.

Our analysts in Bangalore, India, identify the population and help you better understand customer behaviors, respond more quickly to market trends, and track competitor performance.

ROP offers affordable perceptual mapping services that help our customers across North America, Europe, and Australia save more by offshoring their research projects to us. To discover how we make this possible, contact us today.

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ROP’s Range of Perceptual Mapping

ROP helps in carrying out perceptual map marketing based on accurately curated data.
Our key services are as below:

  • Multidimensional Perceptual Mapping

    ROP creates perceptual mapping models with multiple dimensions to target variables that are required for more complex research.

  • Correspondence Analysis

    ROP uses relevant categorical data to support branding research by targeting two categorical variables and analyzing the relationship between the brand and its association with different product attributes.

  • Principal Component Analysis

    ROP uses this variable-reduction method to pinpoint robust data patterns and identify the underlying aspects of consumer behavior.

Benefits of ROP’s Perceptual
Mapping Services

Asset marketers who need effective perceptual map analysis to confidently interpret the viability of new product launches and can get the information they require to augment their market position:

Differentiate your Brand

Better distinguish your brand based on accurate measurements of customer perceptions by precisely connecting market statistics to brand performance and strategy efficacy.

Monitor your Position Against Competitors

Monitor competitor position concerning your brand based on actual competition instead of perceived competition and understand what differences your target customers perceive between the two.

Industry-Specific Approaches

Organizations receive a tailored approach to their unique objectives thanks to analysts with industry-specific expertise that accelerates outcomes for retail, financial services, hospitality, and more.

Improve Brand Portfolio

Better manage the brand portfolio by evaluating and comparing performance throughout various product categories and determining where to allocate resources to produce specific results.

Set Global Branding Goals

Determine customer perception and brand performance in both current and emerging markets to set stronger global branding objectives based on geographical indicators and an easily digestible brand perceptual map.

Evaluate Product and Service Resonance

Assess customer perception of specific elements of your product, service, and selling points to evaluate if they effectively resound with target customers.

End-to-End Brand Perceptual Map
Analysis in India by Research Optimus

Organizations have many brand research companies to choose from, but leading businesses look to
ROP for specialized customer analysis, market strategy, and consultation.

Contact ROP today to empower your brand positioning strategy with perceptual map analysis services that are cost-effective and employ efficient processes.

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