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Research Optimus' data analysis services geared to support companies of all sizes, with capability to collect and analyze data effectively and ROP provide the extra edge needed to increase sales and outshine competitors. Since comprehensive data analysis services requires time-intensive work and specialized skills to keep up with rapid technological change, Research Optimus has been a practical solution with a data management expertise combined with data analysis services.

A "Big Data Business World" means that methods used by corporations to manage their organization and do business are frequently shaped by data collection and analysis techniques. Research Optimus can provide critical "Big Data Statistical Analysis" to businesses regardless of size. ROP can showcase complex data in a way that is insightful and understandable to all business stakeholders.

Security, privacy and the need for data accuracy are three data management issues that can be especially time-consuming. For example, repairing databases involves specialized expertise for identifying bugs and cleaning data — the advanced experience of Research Optimus means that the skills to perform these delicate data analysis tasks are already available at a moment's notice when you need expert help. The next paragraph outlines our specific examples of how ROP can lend a hand.

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Our Data Analysis Consulting Services

When you are evaluating whether to use an external provider for outsourcing of data analysis services, please bear in mind that data management comes in "all shapes and sizes" — Research Optimus is an experienced and trusted company that can provide whatever you might need:

Auditor Support

Research Optimus can make auditing processes more effective. Our data management team can assist internal and external auditors with tasks such as quality checks of extracted data, analysis of exceptional items and extraction of samples using specified criteria.

Initial Advice and Direction

Research Optimus can help client companies overcome one of the most challenging data management tasks: Deciding how and when to get started. We can guide initial strategies for data mining and analysis that will provide a prudent opportunity for gaining competitive advantages.

Exception and Outlier Detection

ROP pays due attention to "breaks" in established patterns that can produce bias in outputs and conclusions. We examine possible reasons for outliers and make appropriate adjustments so you will be able to trust the final results.

Report Production

ROP will help you to properly document the entire data analysis process. Our team is accustomed to describing methodology, findings and conclusions in an understandable fashion that includes insightful graphics and candid guidance about data interpretation.

Large Format Graphics (Data Visualization)

ROP can visualize analyzed data and create high resolution files for print or large format that is conducive to specialized uses such as presentations and analysis.

Data Modeling

ROP can facilitate the most advanced data modeling techniques. Examples include sensitivity analysis, predictive models, scenario analysis such as bull and bear cases, linear regression, time series models and logistics regression.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

ROP helps ensure that the "final step" in data analysis does not fall short of the mark by interpreting findings and visually displaying results for high-level executives with tools like multi-layer decision trees and insightful infographics.

Marketing Support

ROP data analysis can help new business development via new ideas and identification of customer needs. This can make marketing teams more effective in a lean staffing environment.

Data Cleanup and Validation

Research Optimus is accustomed to doing the "dirty work" associated with daily data management. Without proper attention to cleanup, repair, formatting of raw data, validating data entries, testing and setting search parameters, databases can quickly become unstable and ineffective. We make sure that doesn't happen.

Advanced Data Analysis Implementation

ROP is adept at implementing full-cycle data analysis extending from collection and cleansing to modeling and implementation. The ability to "do it all" frequently distinguishes our data analysis team of experts from other companies providing data analysis services.

Modern Data Analysis Tools

Research Optimus can adjust to the need for customized data accessibility that is unique to your business situation. We provide easy access to data that will facilitate viewing from mobile and desktop devices so that data users will be able to operate in the field or office environments.

PowerPoint Presentations

Research Optimus will prepare dynamic presentations that are particularly well-suited for pitches and internal presentations. Our team will add the right mix of images and infographics to explain data findings via a concise PowerPoint format.

Periodic Updates

ROP can help keep all parties up-to-date with newsletters and white papers that provide commentary about the latest trends and tools.

Legal Compliance

We can ensure that data analysis procedures comply with current legislation in different countries. Periodic updates will address regulatory changes and compare legal compliance requirements in different settings such as in the United States, United Kingdom and European Union.

Cost Control

Our service helps you to identify costs caused by inaccurate data. Eliminating outdated customer information and incorrect mailing addresses can save postage costs and marketing expenditures.

Benefits of Hiring Data Analysis Service Provider Company

What will you gain from working with Research Optimus? Here are five primary benefits:

  • Research Optimus is experienced in working with CXOs

    ROP can support the most specialized needs of CXOs and high-level executives. Our data analysis team is skilled at providing advanced data analysis services.

  • Research Optimus can readily support seasonal and temporary requirements

    ROP can help auditors during their busy seasons so that their internal resources can be devoted to other tasks. We can also help corporate clients cope with downsizing initiatives that create temporary data analysis shortages.

  • Research Optimus is fully versed in helping with changing requirements for compliance and privacy

    As a global provider of data analysis services, ROP is experienced in helping international clients comply with data protection laws. Since the need for effective compliance is still growing, this can keep you ahead of the competition in a key area on a long-term basis.

  • Research Optimus is a one-stop-shop for data management

    In addition to the 15 exclusive data analysis services noted above, ROP provides additional data management services. This will enable you to work with one trusted and experienced provider if you choose to do so.

  • Research Optimus provides high-quality data analysis services at cost-effective prices

    Whether you need infographics, database repairs, PowerPoint presentations, data modeling, or decision trees, ROP provides unbiased data analysis at a competitive cost without sacrificing quality.

Getting the Edge on Your
Competitors with Better
Data Analysis

Paying more attention to data analysis and data management is a prudent strategy for jumping ahead of your competition. Working with an experienced provider like Research Optimus will also save you time and money. Contact us today!



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