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Research Optimus (ROP) assists its clients with a variety of financial market research services. We have clients in banking, insurance, financial management, and other financial services that benefit from our expertise.

Businesses in the financial industry need to stay updated with constantly changing market trends, technology disruptions, and evolving customer behaviors. Responding to these as well as to industry regulations on time is critical.

Our team offers financial market research services to ensure that you have all the data you need to make strategic business decisions. Developing new financial products and services, offering customer-centric experiences, and staying compliant with financial regulations all become possible with our in-depth financial market research services.

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Industries We Work With

ROP delivers financial research services to clients across different industries:

Retail Banks

Understanding retail customers, developing new services, and transforming services to optimize the retail customer experience.

Corporate Banks

Analyzing market share, competitive analysis, and detailed forecasting services for corporate banking.

Investment firms

Detailed investigation into strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for potential mergers, acquisitions, or shareholding purchases.

Insurance firms

Full insurance strategy planning to balance risk with demands.

Loans & mortgage firms

Data-driven analysis to evaluate risk with localized market knowledge.

Credit card firms

Efficiently analyze individuals’ credit risk, behavior, and profit potential.

Pension firms

Undertake comparative analysis of private pension fund management to inform and guide strategic decisions.

Other financial services

ROP offers a range of financial research services and predictive analyses for various clients.

Our Financial Market Research Expertise

ROP provides research expertise in the following areas:

Consumer Research

ROP provides skills in behavioral analysis, demographics, market analysis, customer profiling, and gap analysis. This enables enterprises to capitalize on potential new revenue streams and ensure that opportunities are evaluated with a data-driven approach.

Market Share

Carrying out a detailed market share analysis with ROP enables executives to understand a company’s potential scale based on its target market

Demographic Research

ROP works with many clients to produce detailed demographic research for understanding target markets and the key buyer personas within them.

Channel Distribution Research

Our customers work with ROP experts to analyze existing channel distribution models and assess potential new market routes.

Market Segmentation

ROP’s market segmentation experts assist customers in segmenting markets by demographics, demand, language, requirement/maturity, and geography for targeted marketing.

Market Forecasting

By working with ROP consultants, you can form a detailed understanding of projected numbers, market trends, conditions, and potential disruptions from technology or other factors.

Competitor Research

With ROP, organizations can benefit from a detailed analysis of traditional competitors and emerging challenges to steer strategy accordingly.

Social Listening and Research

With accurate, real-time analysis of social media data, enterprises can capitalize on huge amounts of untapped data to understand what customers are saying and identify trends in a market.

Benefits of Investing in Financial Market Research

Financial market research is vital, from knowing more about the existing customer to identifying new sales opportunities to finding new customers by understanding their needs in more detail. ROP’s consultants work with customers to:

  • Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to maximize value from customers while making them more embedded in their services.

  • Uncover new market opportunities through unaddressed services or the ability to capitalize on customer requirements.

  • Segment customers to address their needs more specifically to create loyalty and brand advocates or influencers.

  • Operate efficiently in omnichannel environments, including web/mobile/applications, emerging payment systems, and opportunities such as cryptocurrency.

  • Design efficient, effective routes to market with direct and indirect channels to suit geography, market conditions, plus local resources.

  • Design and execute positive customer experiences across all interactions with an organization.


Why Partner
With Research Optimus

Research Optimus is one of the leading financial market research companies in the world with expertise in gathering data and presenting it in easily consumable forms to different stakeholders. With our financial market research services you can –

  • Focus on yoaur core business while outsourcing key projects to us
  • Count on unbiased, accurate information
  • Get customized reports to meet specific goals and objectives
  • Use graphic visualization to bring data to life
  • Enjoy timely, cost-effective original research services
  • Benefit from the use of the latest tools and techniques to optimize data gathering plus analysis
  • Get the services of a specialist team of PhD-level researchers specialized in finance, business, and other fields.

Additional Information

ROP works on an agile basis to better suit our clients’ unique requirements.

Pricing & Engagement

Our pricing model is flexible and can be structured on a one-off or ongoing basis. We offer dedicated resources for ongoing project requirements to enable consultants to build up specific knowledge of your account.

Project Security

Almost all of our projects involve us working with highly confidential client information. Therefore, we are happy to adhere to non-disclosure agreements for maintaining full confidentiality.

Quality Systems

Our work is assured to the highest possible standards. To support this, we work to the ISO 9001:2008 standard quality assurance.

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    Even though most of our communication was done via email, it was extremely easy to work with Research Optimus. Superbly quick turnaround time which was quicker than needed. They were there when I needed them!


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