ROP’s Technology Change Adaptation for
Advanced Market Research

Technology is rapidly advancing, giving today’s internet savvy consumers new opportunities to interact with products, services, and brands. The number of channels and devices is increasing, enabling customers to make purchases and interact with businesses from anywhere, whether they are using their phones, tablets, or computers. Accordingly, businesses have an opportunity to adapt marketing efforts to target the individual customer directly.

Advanced market research helps organizations to better understand their customers in an incredibly diverse number of ways, and in a world where technology is constantly updating, it’s important to utilize updated research methods that can delve deeper into consumer behavior. Market research can determine what your customers want to purchase, and how they interact with products, services, and your brand.

The most successful organizations understand the importance of personalizing and customizing the customer experience by using market research to discover how to deliver products and services that cater to each consumer. Irrespective of the industries, Research Optimus (ROP) monitors the changing market trends and provides industry specific research services which includes – retail industry research, banking industry research, technology industry research, insurance industry research, manufacturing industry research, public sector industry research, and more. Over the years, ROP has updated and adapted its data collection mediums and market research methods to suit the rapidly advancing and changing market across industries.

Data Collection Supported by AI and Machine Learning

Data collection is essential because it ultimately improves and facilitates business decision making processes, and improves the quality of expected results and output. Data collection processes have to become more sophisticated to support the massive surge of data being generated from mobile devices, cars, machine equipment, social media channels, and online transactions.

ROP is evolving its data collection methods to suit changing technologies and help our valued clients stay competitive. Advanced digital capabilities, such as AI and Machine Learning, have applications in data collection, which ROP utilizes to customize better and automate the data collection processes.

ROP utilizes advanced online data collection to access key information to aid Market Research:

  • Cookies and clickstream data send information about consumer choices directly to ROP computers.
  • Electronic means of surveying consumers makes data collection methods rapid, accurate, and fun for consumers.
  • Centralized data collection eliminates tedious data coding by inputting responses into computers and touchscreens, so coding is instantaneous, and analysis is rapid.
  • Chatbots and other AI supported technologies collect targeted information from customers to provide further insights into Market Research analysis.

Businesses receive improved, accurate, customized insights obtained from a diverse selection of sources, such as social media channels, sales histories, online customer activities, advertising channels, and legal and industry reports. ROP’s automated digital processes accelerate the rapid pace of data collection and ensure that the right information is gathered to answer your company’s critical Market Research questions.

ROP’s Advanced Market Research Methods

ROP has updated its market research methods to obtain actionable insights supported by the latest sophisticated digital methods. This enables ROP to provide advanced, integrated market research methods such as forecasting, developing growth strategies, and generating insights that can be applied to business processes.

ROP is employing the most cutting-edge market research methods to accommodate the rise in technological advancements:

  • Social Media Platform Analysis

    Insights regarding a business’s products and services are obtained from customers to understand their sentiments and behaviors regarding your brand better. This data is collected from pertinent social media platforms.

  • Product and Services Usability

    Trials are conducted to gauge customer responses and gain insights, and administer tests in real environments. This helps businesses ascertain if changes need to be made based on customer feedback, and is particularly helpful for businesses in the service industry, such as hotels or restaurants.

  • Primary Research

    ROP’s unbiased approach to Primary Research includes interviews, test marketing, on-site research, focus groups, computer-assisted interviewing, and personalized surveys to help businesses reinforce their marketing campaigns and strategies.

  • Qualitative Research

    Conducted utilizing advanced methods that include website usability testing, customer satisfaction studies, group discussions, industry reports, and competitor intelligence. This helps businesses address critical questions regarding customer preferences and competitor strategies.

  • Product Research

    Crucial for any business planning a successful product launch, this research method includes customer satisfaction testing, identifying optimal product features, and testing products and packaging.

Integrated, Accelerated Digital Solutions for Modern Market Research

Research Optimus strives to remain on the cusp of today’s leading technological advances and methodologies, pioneering New Age approaches to Data Collection and Advanced Market Research. Our valued clients have come to expect innovation from ROP, and we continue to evolve our processes to accommodate the progression of technology.

As the digital landscape transforms, so does ROP’s technologies and methodologies. Organizations can support their decision-making capabilities with trusted insights that are obtained through the latest processes from the Market Research leaders at ROP. Contact us today to know more about our advanced market techniques and avail our services.

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