Market Research for Manufacturing Industry

Research Optimus enables manufacturing sector to simplify its difficult decisions about cost control, labor shortages, and competitors, efficiency of suppliers, new technologies, and location of operations. To help address each of these challenges (and more) in a timely and cost-effective fashion, Research Optimus offers an extensive collection of 20 customized research services for manufacturing sector clients.

We simplify decisions about outsourcing and locating production facilities in low-wage countries depend upon a variety of factors. For example, wages in China and many other emerging markets have been rising. To help manufacturing companies take a closer look at all pertinent costs and potential advantages as well as problem areas before deciding where to outsource, ROP examines everything — from labor quality and cost comparisons to the regulatory environment and supply chain alternatives.

Keeping up with supply chain efficiencies and international compliance requirements represent two more challenges that are often unique to the manufacturing process. ROP has the logistics and legal experts that make it easier to balance these diverse elements.

Our research services are geared for manufacturing executives and department managers searching for better ways to use social media research for analyzing customer demand and new marketing channels. Staying at least one step ahead of the competition is a regular challenge in today's manufacturing environment. This is rarely an easy task to accomplish, but Research Optimus can lend many helping hands with our research services for the manufacturing sector — more details are provided in the following section.

Ways We Can Provide Research Services for Manufacturing Sector Clients

ROP provides the following specialized research services that are always customized to address the specific needs of each manufacturing industry client:

  • Market Entry Research

    ROP can help manufacturing sector clients understand and overcome market entry barriers. We perform PEST analyses and provide detailed reports that examine legal restrictions, market trends, competitive landscape, market size, wages and production costs.

  • Macroeconomic Analysis

    Research Optimus looks at all macroeconomic parameters impacting manufacturing operations such as regional and international growth rates, global investment activity, industrial demand and consumer spending.

  • Global Commodities Report

    ROP examines industrial commodity pricing, trends and new developments on a worldwide basis and summarizes findings via reports that include relevant graphs and images.

  • Global Manufacturing Map

    Research Optimus shows how production costs, labor regulations, skilled worker availability, wages and supply chains differ from one country to another.

  • Quality Assurance Reports

    ROP assesses the all-important element of manufacturing quality by examining quality assurance trends and software as well as identifying quality assurance consultants and providers.

  • Competitive Intelligence

    Research Optimus provides a detailed look at competitors by performing SWOT analyses and assembling overviews that encompass company profiles, market share, competitive market positioning, quality comparisons, pricing, technologies and product portfolios for current and potential competitors.

  • Consumer Research

    ROP reviews consumer behavior, social media research and studies that impact manufacturing decisions for new and existing products.

  • Primary Market Research

    Research Optimus performs primary research that can improve manufacturing operations. Key alternatives include mystery shopping, expert interviews, consumer surveys, competitor interviews, focus groups and product testing.

  • Supply Chain Analysis

    ROP studies existing and potential manufacturer supply chain networks by analyzing all supply chain data from discovery through commercialization and performing cost, efficiency and SWOT analysis.

  • Technology Reports

    Research Optimus prepares periodic reports that keep manufacturing executives and managers updated about technology changes impacting manufacturing processes and equipment as well as changes in the rankings of high-quality suppliers.

  • Technical Documentation Services

    ROP publishes specialized written content such as on-site training materials, operations manuals, illustrations and animations, technical writing, editing and translations into local languages and regional dialects.

  • Legal Research

    Research Optimus analyzes legal requirements such as regulatory trends and developments, manufacturing safety regulations, reporting standards, intellectual property right compliance, patents, licensing and labor laws.13. Industry Reports: ROP reviews manufacturing industry-level elements such as major players, products and services, regional structure and geographical concentrations.

  • Finance Support

    Research Optimus provides expert financial support services via forecasts, benchmarking analysis, valuations, accounting research, financial modeling, tax research, financial reports with supporting charts and key performance indicator analysis.

  • M&A Support

    ROP supplies full support for merger and acquisition activity needs such as investment memorandum preparation, merger modeling, DCF and LBO valuations, data room organization and due diligence support.

  • Real Estate Reports

    Research Optimus completes manufacturing real estate analysis by reviewing tax implications, identifying location options and analyzing efficiency and cost-effectiveness of competing sites for office buildings, warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

  • Business Intelligence Dashboard

    ROP makes it easier for manufacturing executives and managers at all levels to obtain customized reports that display a broad range of data metrics and performance scorecards by employing data visualization techniques.

  • Manufacturing Analytics

    Research Optimus analyzes a complete range of manufacturing data via methods such as regression and statistical analysis, data summaries with pertinent graphs and statistics, real-time manufacturing data analysis and data mining.

  • Sales Analysis

    ROP facilitates manufacturing sector sales analyses by breaking down sales activity according to elements such as buyer, location and product as well as developing sales forecasts and reviewing sales trends.

  • Presentation Creation

    Research Optimus creates professional and effective business presentations that are often needed for key manufacturing industry audiences such as conferences, suppliers, investors, lenders and government officials.

Helping Manufacturing Sector Clients with Outsourcing Decisions — and More

When your manufacturing business is making a key decision about outsourcing, supply chain improvements and competitive issues, Research Optimus is always available to help — often on an overnight basis. Contact Us

Pricing & Engagement Options

Flexible hourly pricing methodology for one-time research needs, and dedicated full-time equivalent resource allocation for on-going projects.

Quality Systems

ISO 9001:2008 standard quality assurance and defined quality polices to ensure data collection and presentation accuracy levels are consistent.

Security and Confidentiality

Customer information and project confidentiality secured by Non-disclosure Agreements and project data by workstation security policies.

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