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Research Optimus (ROP) specializes in Intellectual Property and Open Innovation services. We work with pharmaceutical companies and research firms as their offshore partner from our office in India.

We apply our expertise and knowledge to help pharmaceutical businesses increase their R&D success rates, justify their investments, and explore innovative avenues.

As a white-label research partner, we have designed a range of cost-effective engagement plans so that MNCs, SMEs, startups, and Fortune 5,000 companies from across North America, Europe, and Australia can continue innovating and developing their pharma business affordably.

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Intellectual Property and Open Innovation
Service Range from ROP

Exclusive research and analysis solutions from ROP have been created to support Intellectual Property and Open Innovation endeavors for pharmaceutical businesses that include:

  • Technology Landscape Analysis
    ROP identifies the successful trends for a particular technology to offer comprehensive insight and provides specific recommendations and suggestions for your pharmaceutical company based on detailed technology landscape analysis.
  • Patent and Technology Benchmarking
    ROP utilizes a proprietary method to analyze the performances, practices, and applications of patents and technology to provide insight into how your pharmaceutical organization’s processes compare to others.

Benefits of Engaging ROP’s Intellectual Property Solutions

Pharmaceutical companies can experience reliable insights when utilizing ROP’s exclusive Intellectual Property and Open Innovation Solutions, which are designed to support persistent benefits:

This valuable research and analysis resource from ROP can help your pharmaceutical company protect your existing data and patents, and have access to information that spurns the development of new ones in the future.

Identify gaps in the technological landscape with our Technology Benchmarking options, and position your pharmaceutical company to create tactics to address these open spaces.

ROP can provide the critical data to help clients build effective Intellectual Property strategies, and address operational concerns like the prevention of product infringement or counterfeiting.

Convince financial markets and investors of your pharmaceutical organization’s capabilities with the assistance of ROP’s Intellectual Property and Open Innovation Services.

Explore new areas of pharmaceutical innovation, and expand R&D efforts with trusted Technology Landscape Analysis and recommendations from ROP’s experienced team.

ROP offers unparalleled competitive analysis within our Intellectual Properties and Open Innovation Services to help your pharmaceutical company plan and develop successful patent and technology strategies.

Our Intellectual Properties and Open Innovation Solutions enable pharmaceutical companies to continue to access external knowledge to propel R&D initiatives.

Ensure that your pharmaceutical business can justify your investments with this critical service from ROP’s Intellectual Property and Open Innovation range of solutions.

ROP can provide comprehensive data and suggestions regarding the protection and management of your pharmaceutical company’s intellectual property to preserve the integrity and legality of your patents, technology, products, and services.

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Ensure that your pharmaceutical organization has access to all the insights and data it needs to push innovation forward in this competitive industry.

Contact Research Optimus today to speak with our knowledgeable team and learn more about our customized and affordable Intellectual Property and Open Innovation Solutions.

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