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Research Optimus (ROP) is a white-label Web Data Mining service provider that leverages data freely available online - from search data to website demographics and social indicators to deliver valuable insights to research firms, marketers and decision-makers.

At ROP we analyze key search queries, common terms across multiple verticals, and other important factors related to the activity of individuals online, so you can better prepare to enter the marketplace.

Our team, based out of Bangalore, India, offers highly skilled services at competitive rates which is why we are the chosen outsourcing partner of many MNCs, SMEs, startups and Fortune 5,000 companies located in America, Europe and Australia.

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Web Data Mining and Analysis

We use the following tools and methods to ensure that we gather not only the best data, but also the most useful for your needs:

  • Keyword Search Trends

    We can identify the most popular search terms in a single field or across multiple verticals, and long tail search queries that might be effective in a marketing campaign.

  • Correspondence Analysis

    Using key social indicators and industry resources, we determine what features, brands and products are being discussed and how they are being compared to one another.

  • Influencer Analysis

    We analyze the data of key influencers in your field, how they impact the reception of a product or brand, and develop intervention plans to increase response on multiple channels.

  • Click Density Heat Mapping

    We can analyze the exact behavior of visitors to a website based on the structure of a site and subsequently make key changes to that structure.

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For more information about our web data mining services and how it can positively affect your research when developing a new product, contact Research Optimus today.

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