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Find the Best Market Niches

Finding the best way to access customers is a recurring challenge for retailers everywhere. ROP provides insightful data and recommendations that help retail decision-makers establish retail branches in the best locations. At the same time, competition is perpetually increasing-Research Optimus analyzes each sales channel and helps retail clients improve their sales organizations.

Develop an Efficient Supplier Network

A diversified portfolio of retail industry research services:

Market Entry

ROP can create customized reports that help you overcome market entry barriers. Our specialized market entry analysis covers SWOT parameters, legal restrictions, technological challenges, current players and all pertinent market characteristics.

Market Entry Research


Research Optimus analyzes macroeconomic indicators such as household spending, demographics, employment and consumer spending. We provide a global macroeconomic perspective by comparing and contrasting different regions.

Macroeconomic Analysis

Consumer Behavior

ROP assesses consumer behavior by performing quantitative and qualitative studies. Our methods include pattern analysis, online surveys, trend analysis and questionnaires.

Consumer Behavior Analysis


Research Optimus performs research and prepares reports that help to identify products and services that provide the best fit for a client's portfolio. This includes technological and pricing research.

Product Research


ROP employs the most appropriate methods to analyze portfolios. Key alternatives include competitor benchmarking, BCG Matrix, idea generation, McKinsey Matrix and SWOT analysis.

Portfolio Analysis


Research Optimus helps you stay up-to-date with periodic updates about new technologies and trends. Our analysis encompasses accounting software, customer relationship management systems and retail management systems.

Technological Updates


ROP ensures that you are always using accurate financial analysis. This includes support during M&A transactions, financial reports with appropriate graphs and images, valuations, financial forecasts, key performance indicators, benchmarking analysis, accounting research, financial modeling and tax research.

Finance Support


Research Optimus provides in-depth analysis that covers the future outlook, recent and upcoming events, overview of retail stores and chains and retail industry trends such as M&A activity.

Industry Reports


ROP compiles a detailed location analysis that includes sales forecasts, location comparisons, cost analysis, potential consumer reach and real estate analysis.

Location Screening


Research Optimus takes a detailed look at your competitors by examining strategies, company profiles, market share, market positioning, pricing, portfolios and SWOT analysis.

Competitive Analysis


ROP enables you to take full advantage of mystery shoppers, both online and in physical stores. We provide relevant evaluation criteria and create mystery shopping reports that include both qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Mystery Shopping


Research Optimus gives you a complete and cost-effective overview of wide-ranging legal issues such as reporting standards, export regulations and pertinent laws and legal guidelines in each country.

Legal Research

Supply Chain Market

ROP identifies suppliers and logistics companies at an early stage. We provide an in-depth cost comparison and analysis of service and product packages, prepare documents and develop presentations prior to the negotiating process.

Supply Chain Market Research

Connected Industry

Research Optimus analyzes all relevant industries such as electronics, household goods, furniture and connected services. This enables you to build upon existing and related businesses that might reduce risk exposure.

Connected Industry Analysis

E-Commerce & Internet Industry
Market Research

ROP evaluates e-commerce platforms and channels. This review includes mobile innovations, social media research and critical support during marketing campaigns directed at online markets.

E-Commerce & Internet Industry Market Research

Marketing Research

Research Optimus identifies which of your marketing channels are most effective. We zero in on channel specific consumer preferences and cost-benefit analyses of each channel.

Multi-Channel Marketing Research


ROP helps you make better use of your data. Our data analysis team examines all sales and retailer performance data and then prepares actionable reports that feature insightful graphs as well as direct access to research analysts.

Data Analysis


Research Optimus creates persuasive and informative presentations often needed for audiences such as investors or suppliers.

Presentation Creation

Market Research

ROP conducts direct research as needed by each client. This includes mystery shopping, expert interviews, mail surveys, online questionnaires, consumer surveys and competitor interviews.

Primary Market Research


Research Optimus has a team of data analytics experts to perform data mining, big data predictive analysis, quantitative modeling, text analysis, forecasting and statistical analysis. We provide action-oriented summary reports with supporting images and graphs.

Retail Analytics

Business Intelligence

ROP supplies all you need to develop a customized business intelligence dashboard for designated departments and decision-makers. This features data visualization tools that display the current status of key performance indicators and metrics.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Retail Sales

Research Optimus converts all point of sale data into actionable information for decision-makers. We include sales forecasts, ROI calculation, detailed store level analysis and store execution statistics.

Retail Sales Analysis

Flexible hourly pricing methodology for one-time research needs, and dedicated full-time equivalent resource allocation for on-going projects.

Pricing & Engagement

ISO 9001:2008 standard quality assurance and defined quality polices to ensure data collection and presentation accuracy levels are consistent.

Quality Systems

Customer information and project confidentiality secured by Non-disclosure Agreements and project data by workstation security policies.

Project Security

Helping Retailers Improve the Bottom Line

When your retail organization is looking for new and better ways to improve the bottom line, don't forget the 22 specialized retail industry research services offered by Research Optimus.

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