Social Media Monitoring from ROP Helped American Firm Implementing New Customer Engagement

About the Client –
Food Production Giant

Our client is the biggest supplier of bottled vinegar in America and was facing stiff competition on the social media platforms regarding their brand name for quite some time. The client has 36 years of legacy in the food production industry, dating back to their inception in 1981. Country-wide production allows the client to offer clever distribution of logistics. Their product offering ranges from exclusive vinegar to mustards, sauces, and various other condiments which have been adored by customers across the US over past decades.

Negative Social Media News
Monitoring Requirement

Worrying about its media reputation, the client wanted an outsourcing partner to monitor the unfavorable articles and comments on the internet. The client contacted Research Optimus by completing the contact form on our website, tasking us with examining social and mainstream media for any content that could damage their relationship with the end-customers. Once identified, the end-customers had to be notified in real-time with personalized communications.

Challenges Related to Short
Delivery Timelines

Our team experienced two main challenges while working on the project commenced. The first was insufficient data, which made it difficult to complete the task. As our teams were provided with nothing more than a client list, it was challenging to hone in on the news sources and social media platforms where negative reporting could occur. Combing these platforms is a time-consuming process, made all the more challenging by tight deadlines.

The Social Media Monitoring
Process ROP Followed

The social media monitoring team at Research Optimus had previous experience dealing with similar projects and approached this task with our tried and tested step-wise process. Having completed the initial discussion with the client, the team started working on the task:

  • The team assigned an FTE to work on this project alone.
  • Extensive research was carried out within the food industry.
  • Our teams honed in on news sites and social media platforms, reporting any potentially destructive news in real time.
  • By monitoring and analyzing negative media coverage and social media mentions, we assisted the client in identifying and quelling potential crises and finding the best response strategies.
  • Client feedback was encouraged and immediately put into action. The project was closed with a detailed report and a media strategy plan to address the different category of issues.

Project Benefits

The client received a well-considered solution to have real-time bad press alerts about their end-users. Their internal teams took the suggestions to the next level, putting more effective customer engagement models in place way ahead of their competitors. Research Optimus added yet another satisfied client to its large database of happy clientele with the rapid response rate, to the high-quality deliverables, and ready-to-implement insights.


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