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Research Optimus (ROP), is a leading white-label Crystallography services provider, chosen as the offshore research partner by research agencies, medical firms, and Pharma companies from across the world.

We offer comprehensive lab services and in-depth crystallography needed in the rapidly evolving science of drug development and discovery at affordable prices with flexible engagement plans.

Our researchers, working from Bangalore in India, are well equipped to process complex data sets. This is why MNCs, SMEs, startups from the USA, UK, and Australia outsource their crystallography projects to us. Connect with us to know more.

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Our Crystallography Services

We offer a VPN server for all data transfers, ensuring secure, immediate transfers of information between your lab and our scientists.

We also offer image scoring for crystals precipitates and more using the most advanced techniques in the field.

Combined with our result annotation, which can be customized to whatever needs you have, and our customized format for final results, we offer a full range of reporting services that will help you process and present the data from your findings more quickly.

Advantages of Outsourcing
to Research Optimus

There are many benefits to choosing Research Optimus for your Crystallography needs like:

In-House Software for Image Annotation — Our proprietary software is fully customizable to your needs, allowing us to annotate images as you require.

Dedicated Team — We have a dedicated team on staff that has many years of experience in this field and will report to you directly.

Fast Turnaround Time — We’ve removed as many obstacles as possible to ensure the quickest turnaround time for your data.

Accuracy — At the same time we ensure quality in everything we do by following industry best practices for accuracy in analysis and reporting.

Manual Annotation — We offer manual annotation - not relying on software to do what should be done by trained human eyes.

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