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Crystallography is a complex process that requires hundreds of man hours spent developing experiments, running those experiments and then annotating thousands of images to determine whether any given pattern is viable in the drug discovery phase of your project. One of the most effective ways to expedite this process without sacrificing accuracy of the results is to choose an overseas firm to handle your image annotation.

Research Optimus is a full-service medical research and analytics firm offering comprehensive image annotation services. Manually annotating crystallization images taken from robotic crystallization experiments, we provide a valuable service that will ensure you can pursue further experiments much more rapidly than if you were expending staff hours doing this in-house. For more information about our image annotation services contact Research Optimus today.

The Image Annotation Process

When you hire Research Optimus, you are working with a company that has spent years developing and perfecting a system designed to protect and enhance your work. We hire only the best trained staff, with years of experience working in the medical research and pharmaceutical fields to handle our crystallography image annotation projects.

When a new project is started, data is transferred over our secure VPN server, protecting the data in both directions and ensuring immediate transfers regardless of where your offices are located. We then start the scoring process for crystals, precipitates, separation and more.

Annotation of results is performed next, a process that can be customized to your particular needs and that is performed 100% manually to ensure it is done to your exact specifications. We do not use any machines or software to provide automated annotation. Finally, we present the results of our work in a single report that can be customized to your specific needs.

Example of Classification for an Image

When classifying images we receive as part of a new project, we offer a number of customizable factors. The following details may be noted in your images:

  • Big crystal(s)

  • Small crystal(s)

  • Micro crystal(s)

  • Actionable precipitate

  • Heavy precipitate

  • Light precipitate

  • Phase separation

  • Skin formation

  • Bad drop

  • Bad image

  • Unknown object (dirt)

The process from start to finish is designed to follow your exact guidelines, enhancing the work you are doing in the lab, without getting in the way or slowing anything down. This is very important as it makes our work supportive to yours and ensures we will do everything possible to customize our reporting to match your needs.

If you are interested in learning more about image annotation services for your crystallization experiments, contact Research Optimus today for more information.

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