New Gamification and Device Agnostic Surveys to Know Customers’ Pulse 29 Aug 2017

New Gamification and Device Agnostic Surveys to Know Customers’ Pulse

According to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, “on average, loyal customers are worth up to ten times as much as their first purchase.” Understanding customer sentiment and opinion in the market is absolutely essential for businesses to better cater to their needs. By studying customer opinion in the market, you can learn how to better tailor your products and services to deliver them to your customers exactly how they want. This results in customers making more purchases, more repeat businesses, and an overall more personalized experience.

Why Need Device Agnostic Surveys

Research and Markets state that the global gamification market will grow to $11.1 billion by 2020. Interactive surveys have become a way for businesses to better understand their customers and their relative place in the market.

To get the unbiased customer opinion pleasantly, surveys must be engaging and retain the attention of your customer base. That’s why, when designing surveys, it’s critical that they can be read across all types of devices including computers, tablets, and phones. Survey gamifications are designing your surveys to be more like games, instead of the traditional approach to surveys which were just question and answer based. Some examples of survey gamification are:

  • Turning demographic questions into a fill in the blank story.
  • Using a word search Meta game.
  • Using a Chabot to replace open ended responses.
  • Use card based games for ranking attribute surveys.

“Gamification in online surveys will increase the motivation and quality and quantity of the answers.” Additionally, it offers significant advantages for business, such as improving customer engagement levels and supporting market research initiatives.

Traditional Surveys vs. Gamification and Device Agnostic Surveys

Technology is fundamentally altering the way businesses conduct market research, and businesses need to be able to effectively reach their customers by utilizing engaging techniques such as Gamification and Device Agnostic Surveys.

Traditional Surveys:

  • The traditional customer satisfaction surveys are now obsolete. Dealers who really want to understand how their customer service is perceived must be far more effective in identifying any weaknesses as well as good practice.
  • With the model of questions and possible answers to choose from, traditional survey mediums even though visually appealing, do not typically center on the customer experience.
  • Traditional surveys are also not normally designed to suit a modern audience, who are typically presented with entertaining options on multiple technological devices that they can use to engage businesses, brands, and products.

Gamification and Device Agnostic Surveys:

  • Modern customers tend to interact with their devices more than traditional formats and mediums.
  • Customers are more responsive to businesses and brands that incorporate device-friendly surveys and options.
  • Boost Customer Loyalty by increasing brand engagement, such as offering rewards for winning contests.
  • Obtain Customer Feedback because gamification encourages higher response rates, allowing businesses to identify and solve problems.

The bottom line is customers want to be presented with surveys that are fun, that they can access on the go on their tablets, mobile devices, or platforms of their choice.

How Device Agnostic Surveys Increase Customer Engagement

After buying a product or availing a service, there are usually, two types of survey methods to know the customer opinion – proactive modes and reactive modes. When the customers are not happy with the service, the complaints and grievances that they fill, fall under the reactive surveys. These reactive mediums do not require much effort from the service provider. However, the proactive surveys, where the organization wants to know the genuine customer opinion requires much effort. The aim behind device agnostic survey approach is to engage the customer in a fun activity and fetch their opinion. The survey should not feel like an additional task or a burden, or else it won’t be able to capture the actual customer viewpoint because customers will fill those forms just for the sake of filling.

Organizations are striving to create more interactive, immersive, and responsive ways to engage with customers that include understanding their purchasing habits and the reasons behind their choices. For years companies have been using traditional online surveys to communicate with customers and the time has changed for rejuvenating this communication medium.

Successful Market Research Initiatives with Device Agnostic Surveys

Gamification surveys are becoming increasingly popular, and the future shows strong improvements toward businesses implementing gamification into their market research studies.

  • In the recent past, many research firms in the healthcare industry have recognized and implemented gamification as a crucial component of patient engagement, wellness adherence, outcome improvement, etc. and have helped healthcare providers in addressing their customers’ problems related to health and fitness.
  • INSO Research group redesigned a sports survey using gamification and sent two different surveys out to email participants. The gamification survey “increased users perceived fun, the average time spent (taking the survey), as well as their willingness to use and recommend the survey.”
  • Business vehicle service Runzheimer used interactive surveys with triggered logic. Based on answers to three initial questions, the survey offered customized estimates and cost-per-mile assessments for the customer, increasing engagement and helping the sales team respond better to customers.

Paving the Way for Market Research and Analytics

Gamification and Device Agnostic Surveys are paving the way for the future of market research and analytics, supporting improved insights into customer engagement and purchasing habits. Organizations need to start implementing these types of surveys into their business models, to support modern technological advancements and improve customer engagement.

Professional outsourcing agencies are equipped with the tools and technologies to give businesses an edge over competitors, and help them place their finger on the pulse of customer habits, preferences wants, needs, and interests.

Research Optimus is a global leader in compelling new methods of obtaining customer insight via Gamification and Device Agnostic Surveys. Contact us to find out how your business can reach your customers in exciting, innovative new ways with Gamification and Device Agnostic Surveys.

– Research Optimus

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