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Research Optimus (ROP) provides customized principal component analysis for research firms in need of developing a predictive model out of a huge set of observations. With years of experience in factor analysis techniques, our research and analysis team makes it easy for businesses to visualize core data sets by an orthogonal transformation of conceivable co-related variables. With this transformation, our analysts assist in obtaining principal components analysis, which can be used in PCA tools for carrying out exploratory data analysis.

Apart from high-quality research and analysis results, ROP ensures quick turnarounds for every project at a cost-effective price. To get started with streamlining your dimensionality reduction process, contact Research Optimus team today.

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Principal components analysis can help research professionals, C-level executives, business owners, managers and consultants to improve how data is classified and reduced. ROP services enable you to make prudent and timely business decisions — by identifying data patterns that are often hidden by the simultaneous presence of too many factors. Whether you need to employ a factor analysis technique, predictive modeling, dimension reduction technique or other specialized forms of business statistics, we can help.

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Customized Principal Components Analysis
Services by Research Optimus

In today's Big Data business environment, information flow routinely involves both high velocity and high volume — and traditional relational databases are simply not up to the task of managing and analyzing the data. To meet these challenges, the Research Optimus team of data analysis experts provides proven strategies and techniques that include the following principal component analysis services:

  • Dimensionality Reduction Analysis

    Research Optimus helps you choose among key dimension reduction techniques that include principal component analysis (PCA), generalized discriminant analysis (GDA) and linear discriminant analysis (LDA). PCA is the primary linear method. Our team analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of each method for meeting client requirements.

  • Data Classification and Structure Detection Analysis

    In addition to PCA alternatives, ROP reviews and analyzes multiple techniques for classifying data and detecting strong patterns in a dataset. For example, we consider factor analysis techniques such as evaluating principal factors instead of principal components.

  • Predictive Modeling Analysis

    Research Optimus incorporates statistical models that facilitate the forecasting of results. A core part of our process is identifying predictors and other elements that are instrumental for accurate forecasts.

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Analysis

    ROP enables our clients to analyze how they use artificial intelligence methods and machine learning to improve data analysis. With machine learning algorithms, we can show you how to automate the building of analytical models.

  • Customized Data Analysis and Statistical Consulting

    Research Optimus customizes dataset analysis by combining multiple techniques and strategies that reflect the unique data parameters of each business. With a combined approach, we can compare the results for principal component analysis with other analytical methods.

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Benefits of Availing Our Principal Components
Analysis Services

Here are some of the benefits of working with ROP:

  • Overcome the Recurring Challenge of Trying to Analyze Too Much Data — We help you to avoid data overload by reducing the flow of high-volume and high-speed information to the data that matters most by applying techniques such as factor analysis and component analysis.

  • Enhance the Value of Existing Data with Principal Component Analysis and Related Methods — ROP ensures that you make the most cost-effective use of existing data collection methods. This can help you to justify current data analysis expenditures as well as to identify cost-cutting opportunities.

  • Identify Dataset Patterns That Are Unique to Your Business — With dimension reduction techniques such as principal component analysis, the Research Optimus team can help you to highlight with precision how your business is unique. This is a critical step in differentiating your business from the competition.


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