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Research Optimus (ROP) provides synthetic financial instrument reports for hedge funds, data scientists, investment bankers, asset managers, institutional investors, portfolio analysts and financial research firms. ROP’s advanced analysis of synthetic financial positions helps investment professionals to increase diversification and reduce asset risks.

With close to two decades of financial market research experience, ROP possesses the multilingual expertise and ISO-certified process to meet global standards required by the clients. Our synthetic financial instrument analysis helps clients to reduce research costs as well as improve financial results. Contact the Research Optimus financial data science team today, and we will take you through our process and engagement model.

Synthetic Financial Instrument Reporting
Services by Research Optimus

When conventional investment products do not meet the requirements of sophisticated investors, synthetic financial instruments often provide alternative financial solutions. These artificially produced investment vehicles that can offer enhanced investment returns, improve portfolio diversification and reduce financial risks. Common challenges with synthetic positions include complex contract details, difficulty in assessing investment potential and ongoing requirements to monitor values of underlying assets. To help overcome these challenges, ROP offers the following synthetic financial instrument research services:

  • Financial Instrument Reports and Presentations

    Research Optimus supplies both comprehensive and condensed special reports that address specific client requirements for synthetic investment positions. Our team can integrate visual analytics methods into executive summaries and presentations that facilitate fast and fully informed decisions.

  • Second Opinions and Risk/Benefit Analysis of Synthetic Financial Instruments

    Research Optimus analyzes potential risks, benefits and all details of synthetic positions. For example, our financial data scientists can provide an independent second opinion of synthetic floating rate instruments created by pairing interest rate swaps and fixed-rate bonds.

  • Structured Investment Products Analysis

    ROP evaluates structured finance investment opportunities involving market-linked investments. We can also provide ongoing support for monitoring underlying assets.

  • Synthetic Options and Synthetic Financial Instrument Updates and Insights

    Research Optimus provides timely insights and updates about new synthetic options developments and evolving compliance requirements. Our international and multilingual financial research team can incorporate information from multiple countries and publications in any language

  • Derivative Financial Instruments Analysis

    ROP assesses contracts and underlying financial assets for derivatives. We analyze multiple derivative scenarios for assets such as currencies, market indexes, interest rates, options contracts, debt securities, equities, and commodities.

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Benefits of Approaching Research Optimus for Synthetic Financial Instrument Reports

Here are some of the benefits of working with ROP:

  • Avoid Synthetic Financial Instrument Surprises with Unbiased Second Opinions

    We help you to manage portfolio risks by identifying potential surprises and providing an independent second opinion of portfolio changes.

  • Reduce the Cost and Turnaround Time for Financial Derivatives Research

    ROP makes it easier to stay ahead of your competition by facilitating faster derivatives investment decisions and cutting financial research costs.

  • Identify Overvalued, and Undervalued Synthetic Positions

    Research Optimus uncovers synthetic financial instrument details often hidden within complex synthetic positions.

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Fast Turnarounds for High-Quality Synthetic Financial Instrument Reports

Our synthetic financial instrument reports can help financial research companies, investors, portfolio managers, C-level executives and data science professionals to mitigate risks, enhance investment returns and cut research expenses. Whether you need to analyze derivative financial instruments, evaluate structured investment products or get a second opinion about synthetic positions, we can help. Contact the Research Optimus team today to discuss our cost-effective synthetic financial instrument reports.

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