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Research Optimus (ROP) provides customized tax research services for tax attorneys, accountants, consultants, tax advisors and organizations operating in different industries. ROP’s advanced tax research techniques enable clients to cope with multiple tax jurisdictions and cut tax compliance expenses. The team of specialists at ROP makes it easy for businesses to obtain high-quality and cost-effective online tax research help that can improve the bottom line.

ROP brings in quick turnarounds, close to two decades of global outsourcing experience and ISO-certified process to the research and analysis services that meet international guidelines. Our multilingual tax research experts help tax consultants and businesses of all sizes to ensure tax compliance. Contact the Research Optimus team today and let us show you how we can help you avoid tax research problems.

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Customized Tax Research Services
from Research Optimus

Tax compliance requirements are constantly changing in national and international taxing jurisdictions — a critical tax research challenge involves monitoring and managing multiple tax changes on a global scale. For organizations operating in several countries with different languages, the tax research process can be especially difficult. To meet these challenges, ROP offers the following tax research services:

  • Analysis of Multiple Tax Jurisdictions

    Research Optimus helps businesses to evaluate the financial and tax impacts of operating in two or more tax jurisdictions. Our multilingual tax research team helps you to avoid tax reporting problems and ensure that multiple tax forms reflect required data that is consistent with other tax returns.

  • Tax Compliance Analysis

    Research Optimus provides an unbiased assessment of how a company is doing with tax compliance procedures. We can provide this tax research service on an ongoing basis to ensure that businesses have an independent party to monitor tax reporting and compliance.

  • Tax Research Second Opinions and Analysis

    ROP makes it practical and fast for businesses and tax professionals to obtain a second opinion about confusing tax regulations. Our team’s analysis improves the tax-related due diligence process and provides a prudent strategy when confronted with contradictory tax guidelines.

  • Tax Planning Analysis

    Research Optimus evaluates forward-looking tax planning strategies that incorporate tax changes and potential impacts. The ROP tax research specialists can develop a tax scenario analysis that assesses potential business structure changes such as divestitures and acquisitions.

  • Tax-Exempt Organizations Analysis

    ROP facilitates a multinational review of requirements for obtaining tax-exempt status and analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of this organizational strategy. Our team can also provide other tax research services such as second opinions and tax planning for tax-exempt and nonprofit organizations.

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Benefits of Partnering with
Research Optimus

Here are some of the benefits of working with ROP:

  • Avoid Uncertainty About Tax Requirements with a Second Opinion

    We help you perform a timely and detailed due diligence review when you are unsure about conflicting or obscure tax guidelines.

  • Improve the Cost-Effectiveness of Tax Research and Compliance

    ROP enhances your bottom line by reducing what you spend for tax compliance and research.

  • Obtain Multi-Jurisdictional Tax Research Expertise

    The Research Optimus team makes it easier for you to monitor, manage and improve how you are handling tax regulations and changes in multiple international taxing jurisdictions.

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Cost-Effective Online Tax Research Services
by Research Optimus

Our financial research services can help tax professionals, business owners and C-level executives to reduce tax compliance costs and ensure tax compliance in different global taxing jurisdictions. Whether you need a second opinion tax diagnosis, tax planning or analysis of tax regulations impacting several countries, we can help. Contact Research Optimus team today to discuss our high-quality customized tax research techniques.

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