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from Research Optimus

Research Optimus (ROP) provides customized customer satisfaction survey analysis for market research companies, management consultants, marketing firms and customer relations managers. Our analysts operating from Bangalore, India, make it easy for customer service and marketing professionals to monitor consumer satisfaction and stay ahead of the competition.

Our prudent combination of cost-effective pricing and timely project turnarounds backed by over a decade of survey results analysis experience helps us deliver significant benefits to our customers from across North America and Europe.

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Customer Satisfaction Market Research
Services from Research Optimus

ROP offers the following customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey analysis services:

  • Customer Relations Strategies, Best Practices, and Analysis

    ROP evaluates customer satisfaction strategies and industry best practices along with a candid and unbiased review of the advantages, disadvantages and potential problems to avoid for each strategic option.

  • Data Analysis of Survey Results

    ROP facilitates the CSAT data management process with survey analysis techniques that meet international standards, avoid common mistakes and present results in reader-friendly formats.

  • Customized CSAT Questionnaires

    ROP develops a customer satisfaction questionnaire and survey process that is designed to meet specific client requirements such as data needs, scheduling, and costs.

  • Consumer Service Review

    ROP provides an independent assessment of customer relations policies, procedures, and actual results within an organization.

  • Customer Satisfaction Insights and Updates

    ROP keeps you up-to-date with timely consumer survey insights regularly and monitors global developments and innovations to help you stay one step ahead of competitors.

Benefits of Partnering
with Research Optimus for Outsourcing Research

Here are some of the benefits of working with ROP:

  • We make it easy to customize your CSAT questionnaire in any language. Our client-centric approach also helps you to keep survey expenses and turnaround requirements under control.

  • ROP helps you to take a step back and get an independent look at how you are doing with consumer satisfaction. This unbiased assessment can help even more when our team repeats the process regularly.

  • ROP ensures that your customer satisfaction survey process reflects industry best practices and avoids common problems that can distort results and adversely impact customer retention efforts.

Benefits of Partnering

Cost-Effective and Customized Customer
Satisfaction Market Research

Contact the ROP team today to discuss our services to improve CSAT questionnaires and data analysis of survey results.

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