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Research Optimus (ROP) delivers industry-leading mystery shopping services. We work with trainers, market researchers, and mystery shopping businesses, allocating shoppers, managing investigation projects, market research, and developing detailed reports. Our team maintains confidentiality throughout the project.

We define research objectives, develop a strategy to achieve the required results, and scale our team and efforts to reach your deadline. Mystery shopping is a reliable way to unearth issues within your company or gain a real understanding of your team’s performance.

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Services We Offer Under the
Umbrella of Mystery Shopping

At ROP we provide a vast selection of mystery shopping services that help you to accurately gauge your business’ performance in various areas:

  • Nationwide Shoppers

    ROP’s nationwide network of mystery shopping agents enable investigations to be carried out in any location. Our team features sales and service experts with unbiased attitudes to the process. We work with all types of business including banks, dealerships, retail outlets, restaurants, and hospitality companies.

  • Web-Based Shopping

    As part of our comprehensive process, we build orders, contact support, monitor social media response times, as well as interaction rates.

  • Bespoke Reporting

    We ensure that your results are presented in your desired format, are downloadable, and user-friendly. We enrich our outputs to facilitate faster troubleshooting. Any resulting insights can be examined in greater detail.

  • Undercover Video

    We can make use of hidden cameras and recording equipment to report back on our findings with more concrete evidence.

  • Onsite Surveys

    Our team carries out on-location visits based on predetermined KPIs. We guarantee objectivity and impartiality in all of our investigations, allowing accurate reporting. We develop unique process and questions, encouraging your input at every step of the way.

  • Telephonic Investigations

    ROP offers evaluations of phone service teams alongside call recordings to ensure that telephonic sales and customer relations teams are performing optimally.

Unique End-Benefits of Availing
our Mystery Shopping Services

ROP’s mystery shopping services are among the best available, giving you access to highly accurate, unbiased, first-hand feedback. Working with us gives you access to these fantastic benefits:

  • Convenient Timing

    We have a huge number of mystery shoppers all over the nation, ready to jump into action as fast as possible.

  • Analyzing Competition

    Our team is highly skilled in benchmarking competitors against each other, allowing you to identify improvements and alterations your competitors are instating.

  • Permanent Change

    We are continually overhauling our model and process as industry changes take effect, resulting in organic growth.

  • Impartial Feedback

    Mystery shoppers are preferable to client interviews as they tend to be more trustworthy and unbiased.

  • Prompt Communication

    We keep you involved and give you access to our transparent process, encouraging client input. We ensure that you always know what’s going on with your project.

  • Variable Teams

    ROP gives you the freedom to scale your team size depending on the volume of work, your budget, and project deadlines. We can dynamically add and remove team members to ensure a smooth operation.

  • Satisfied Clients

    We ensure that the feedback we deliver is of the highest quality, resulting in our high referral rate. Our team takes pride in delighting clients with accurate, detailed, and actionable results.

  • Policy & Procedural Checks

    Corporate policy is instated for a reason, and it is vital to measure employee buy-in as part of the transition process. Mystery shoppers can familiarize themselves with your business and report back on any shortcuts or unwanted behavior.

Partner with the Best Mystery
Shopping Company

Our mystery shopping services are industry leading and are carried out by seasoned professionals all over the globe. Get in touch with us on our online contact form on our website and find out precisely what you need to know about your business from your client’s perspective.

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