Data Cleansing and Validation Services

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Research Optimus (ROP) understands that quality data is key to building a strong company. If you can trust your information, you'll be able to confidently make decisions to improve your business. Our data cleansing and validation service is beyond the process of capturing and digitizing your data, cleaning it up, and making it as user-friendly as possible. The data cleansing process gives you peace of mind that your data is usable, and validated.

Our process involves the classification, formatting, modification, correction, organization, replacement, and deletion of your data fields to ensure that they're fully usable and reliable. Your campaigns and processes run a lot smoother when your data is optimized, without the need for on-the-fly corrections.

ROP's Data Cleanup & Validation services transform your cluttered data into a beautifully organized, highly efficient system.

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Services We Offer Under the Umbrella of Data Cleanup & Validation

ROP's Data Cleanup & Validation services are fully inclusive. We use cutting-edge technology and a team of industry professionals to deliver the best results every time. Our services include:

Record Management

We offer in-depth database checking, removal of obsolete entries, updating outdated data, and verification of relevance. ROP can cleanse your existing mailing lists, ensuring that they are accurate and current.

List Creation & Validation

We build custom lists using any technique our clients prefer, including data verification. We ensure that our data is accurate and updated, presenting you with only the best outputs.

Enhancing Databases

We create usefully detailed databases, showing you all the information you need to know, all in one place. Additions often include ../images, product attributes, and manufacturer specs.

Consent Assurance & Screening Opt-outs

Our team ensures that full, informed consent is gained for all marketing using call recording or written communication. We ensure that your opt-out options are in line with legislation. ROP's team is highly trained to prevent any legal issues in your campaigns.

Correction of Errors

Typos happen all the time in data sources. Our deeply experienced team manually sorts through your data, correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other typographical errors.

Personal Data Correction

Our team completes your databases with details such as full names, postal codes, telephone numbers, pronunciation notes, contact details, and addresses.

Unique End-Benefits of Availing our Services

ROP's industry leading team, cutting-edge technological capabilities, and years of experience converge to deliver the most comprehensive service offering out there. Working with us benefits you in the following ways:

  • Reduced Costs

    We go to great lengths to complete your project in the most cost-effective manner possible, saving you time and money.

  • Data Integrity

    ROP is ISO 27001 certified, requiring our teams to adhere to the highest security standards. We ensure that your data is protected under all circumstances.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology

    ROP is constantly updating and upgrading. Our systems rank among the best in the world and are fully up-to-date with the latest versions.

  • Reliable Communication

    We are always in touch with our clients. It's an important part of our recipe to deliver exactly what you want. Our transparent process allows you to see what we're up to and give your input at regular intervals.

  • Industry Standards

    We adhere to the standard quality measures used industry-wide. This ensures total accuracy, with measurements and specs that translate easily.

  • Quality Standards

    ROP is ISO 9001: 2008 certified and as such we adhere to detailed quality control measures. We check your database regularly to ensure total accuracy.

  • Scalable & Moldable

    We allow you total control over your budget, team size, and service requirements. We won't charge you for options you don't want or need. Our services are tailored to suit your requirements.

  • Validity Checks

    We have the most accurate data results, from field formats and record duplication avoidance techniques to removal of inaccuracies and ongoing database maintenance.

Your Data - Your Terms with Research Optimus

Research Optimus has over a decade of experience in working with industry-leading organizations and entrepreneurs from across the globe. With years of refinement in the process and a customer centric approach, ROP ensures data cleanup and validation services at the best rates. Contact us on our website today to get your data tidied up and whipped into shape!



  • Senior Vice President Automotive & Transportation Industry

    We achieved substantial cost and time savings on several difficult projects. The services provided by Research Optimus was prompt attention to our requests and attention to details were excellent

  • Lynn Kowalczyk

    After carefully reviewing the documents you provided, we are suitably impressed with the meticulous details and extracted data which is truly high-quality

  • Leading STM Publisher

    Even though most of our communication was done via email, it was extremely easy to work with Research Optimus. Superbly quick turnaround time which was quicker than needed. They were there when I needed them!


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