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Research Optimus (ROP) provides packaging research and design services to market research companies and business owners to support with their need for finding the most effective product packaging. Our advanced packaging design research methods enable clients to avoid unattractive product packaging and improve brand visibility. Packaging design research provided by the ROP team makes it easy for the clients to have a more aggressive stance in their target market.

Research Optimus has close to two decades of product packaging design experience to meet the needs of a variety of organizations and their international standards. Our product packaging design expertise can help you to launch new products and reduce packaging costs. Contact the Research Optimus packaging research and design team today and let us show you how we can help with 3D and 2D product package designs that will boost sales.

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Research Optimus's Product Packaging Research and Design Services

Common challenges with retail, wholesale, and industrial product packaging include obtaining customized designs and completing package designs in multiple languages, redesigning current product packaging, making decisions about 3D/2D package designs and staying ahead of product competitors. To help overcome these challenges involving packages of all kinds such as boxes, cases, labels, pouches, cans, cartons and containers, ROP offers the following product package research and design services:

Initial Product Research

ROP evaluates new product concepts that enable businesses to eliminate unpromising ideas and focus on potentially lucrative product concepts. ROP's meticulous product concept testing determines the viability of gaining commercial success and businesses receive accurate market-based customer feedbacks.

Packaging Design Research Insights and Updates

ROP provides regular updates about package design developments. Depending on client preferences, our services can include ongoing monitoring of packaging design changes by direct competitors.

2D Product Packaging Design and Redesign

ROP analyzes 2D product package designs that include health/beauty product packaging, food packaging, beverage packaging, general retail product packaging and industrial packaging for both existing and new products. When redesigning current product packages, we can save time and money by incorporating portions of existing designs.

Packaging Design Strategies and Analysis

Research Optimus evaluates alternative package design strategies such as 2D, 3D, redesigning and rebranding. If desired, we can perform market research studies and reviews of competitors.

Packaging, Marketing and Branding Review

Research Optimus ensures that marketing campaigns and packaging designs are coordinated in each market area. Our package design team reviews branding for inconsistencies in different languages and countries.

3D Product Packaging Design and Redesign

Research Optimus helps clients gain a competitive edge with innovative 3D package designs. By either designing or redesigning, our team can help you get your new 3D product package to market quickly.

Packaging Research and Design — Benefits of Partnering with Research Optimus

Here are some of the benefits of working with ROP:

  • Improve Consistency Between Package Designs and Branding — We help you to eliminate consumer confusion by reviewing marketing, branding and packaging strategies for inconsistencies.

  • Redesign Unattractive Packaging by Using Innovative 3D Designs — ROP creates customized 3D product package designs that are functional, eye-catching and appealing to potential buyers of your products.

  • Reduce the Turnaround Time and Cost for New Packaging Designs — Research Optimus makes it easier to stay ahead of your competition by cutting package design research costs and streamlining the packaging research process so that you can get to market faster with new package designs.

High-quality Packaging Research and Design Services

Our packaging design research can help marketing professionals to cut packaging expenses, eliminate unappealing package designs and improve new product launches. Whether you need to analyze 2D/3D product packaging design choices, evaluate packaging/branding coordination or review packaging design strategies, we can help. Contact the Research Optimus team today to discuss our cost-effective packaging research services.



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