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Research Optimus's qualitative research services can answer essential business questions about critical issues such as consumer preferences and competitor strategies. This specialized approach includes website usability testing, customer satisfaction studies and ethnographic observations. In total, Research Optimus provides customized qualitative research services that effectively address questions left unanswered by other techniques.

Many organizations perform quantitative research and then stop — the preferred approach is often to "fill the missing gaps" by conducting research via methods such as workshops and group discussions. ROP's experts can readily perform both quantitative research and qualitative research so you will not be missing important insights before making critical management decisions.

In any case, our qualitative research is a valuable addition to quantitative research. By performing both processes as your independent research provider, Research Optimus can leverage synergies between the two while reducing the possibilities of biased research.

Understanding your customers typically requires qualitative research that tests hypotheses from a consumer's perspective. In today's global economy, it is equally vital to evaluate your potential buyers throughout many regions and countries. Research Optimus has an existing international research network that makes these challenging tasks much more doable in both a timely and cost-effective fashion. The following paragraphs provide more details about how we can help.

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Qualitative Research Service Expertise at Research Optimus

Here are some of the customized qualitative research services offered by ROP:

Group Discussions

ROP conducts qualitative research that draws upon multiple variations of the group discussion format. We use professional moderators and interviewers who have been trained in methods such as online discussion boards, mini groups and face-to-face

Qualitative Interviews

Research Optimus performs the interview process to gather critical research data. Our interview teams use customized qualitative questionnaires and scripts to complete telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews, group interviews, one-on-one interviews and interviews with regulators, experts, suppliers, competitors, employees and customers.


ROP facilitates workshops with designated participants such as consumers, product experts and employees. Topics can include working on a case study designed to elicit answers to specific qualitative research questions.

Modern Qualitative Research Tools

Research Optimus employs the most current and cost-effective tools. Our team regularly uses brand alliances, category management, storytelling, perceptual mapping, joint decision-making and psychographic segmentation.

Policy Reports

ROP prepares customized qualitative research policy reports. We include expert commentary and opinions, monetary and fiscal policy changes and regulatory updates.

Industry Reports

Research Optimus examines industry trends impacting research strategies. We address recent developments, industry regulations, changing industry landscapes and consumer preference shifts.

Product and Services Research

ROP analyzes consumer needs and preferences and how they impact both new and existing services and products. The qualitative research process is designed to identify the highest-priority service requirements and product features.

Brand Research

Research Optimus reviews all aspects of branding strategies. Our research includes social media monitoring, paper and online questionnaires, choosing a brand and name for products and services, brand reputation, brand image research and brand recognition.

Design and Packaging Research

ROP assesses packaging design options by using research to review different competitors and suppliers. We take a detailed comparative look at different options and designs by methods such as blind tests.

Ethnographic Observations

ROP valuates consumer mindset, attitudes and buying behavior by employing research techniques. This encompasses analysis of consumer behavior in different settings such as point of purchase, office and home.

Competitor Intelligence

ROP takes a qualitative research look at your competitors. Our research experts employ SWOT analysis to assess competitor strategies.

Customer Satisfaction Studies

Research Optimus uses qualitative questionnaires to identify both real and perceived pain points for your current and prospective customers. We prepare concise reports that showcase consumer opinions.

Website Usability Testing

ROP makes your website content more effective for intended visitors. Our research team tests websites for attractiveness, design and usability by using test groups consisting of potential buyers from different age groups.

Qualitative Additions to Quantitative Research

Research Optimus provides synergistic research to make quantitative research more effective and usable. We perform additional research to validate quantitative study results and provide qualitative comments.

Our Qualitative Research Benefits

When you consider outsourcing of qualitative research services, here are the primary ROP benefits to take into account:

  • Research Optimus uses contemporary qualitative research methods so that you will receive high-quality results based on the latest research techniques.

  • ROP leverages their international research network and many years of quantitative and qualitative research experience to obtain timely and cost-effective access to useful research information.

  • ROP constantly trains and updates their team of researchers so that you always obtain accurate and unbiased results.

  • Research Optimus employs the highest professional standards in production of qualitative research reports so that your decision-making process will be facilitated by concise and informative documentation.

  • ROP ensures that you learn as much as possible about your current and prospective customers with qualitative research insights about products, services, advertising campaigns and consumer preferences.

  • Research Optimus helps clients track and monitor their brand with qualitative research that examines branding strategies from every conceivable angle.

  • Research Optimus provides the best of both research worlds — qualitative research and quantitative research under one roof so that our research in both areas is fully leveraged for maximum client benefits.

Research Optimus and Qualitative Research — Helping Clients of All Sizes

ROP will save you time and money without compromising quality. We provide a practical way to outsource qualitative research needs — regardless of how big or small your organization is, Research Optimus can help.



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    Even though most of our communication was done via email, it was extremely easy to work with Research Optimus. Superbly quick turnaround time which was quicker than needed. They were there when I needed them!


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